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Oh no, fishy smell = fishy problem, Piglet John?

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OuterFromOutersville Sat 15-Mar-14 19:26:35

We've recently been having a fishy smell when we use the washing machine and tumble dryer (at the same time usually, so we weren't sure which it was). Then the washing machine plug stopped working; we started using a different plug, and the smell stopped.

This reminded me that a fishy smell can = an electrical problem (from MN). Google has confirmed this, and has said that it can be really serious.

Is there anything that I can do now? Obviously I want to get a qualified electrician round ASAP, but that is likely to be Monday at the earliest.

OuterFromOutersville Sat 15-Mar-14 19:27:54

And I mucked up my title blush.

I meant fishy smell = electrical problem?

PigletJohn Sun 16-Mar-14 09:46:35

I do not smell of fish.

Plug the washer and the drier into separate sockets, and/or use them at different times.

For historical reasons, the British Standard for UK sockets is that they are rated at 13Amps, even if they are doubles. If you are having a new socket fitted to replace the old one, ask for an MK brand (these are one of the makes which are built to exceed the standard), but you should still use separate sockets. An adaptor or extension doesn't help.

OuterFromOutersville Sun 16-Mar-14 18:27:21

Thank you smile, that's really helpful.

Lottie4 Mon 17-Mar-14 10:11:14

If PigletJohn's advice doesn't solve the problem, I'd get it checked out straight away. We were getting problems with some of our electrics and didn't smell a fishy smell, but as soon as the electrician walked through the door he could. He literally pushed passed me asking where the fuse box was so he could isolate all electrics into the house. He easily managed to locate what was causing the problem and said in our case we were close to a fire, so don't leave it if in doubt. You know the area causing the problem, so it will be easy to get checked.

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