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what questions to ask when buying a house?

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Yvonne99 Fri 14-Mar-14 20:45:54

I do not want to sound silly when asking the vendor some detailed questions... so can you please share what questions you asked ( were asked) when you were buying ( selling) your house? Did you have any wired ones?

Can I ask when and where they bought the kitchen units? Who installed them? Can ask for an invoice?
Can I ask them to show me current electricity/gas bills?
I'd like to know when were the carpets replaced for the last time and what is underneath. The same with heating system.
Do they sound ok to you?

Do I ask them through EA or solicitor?

Also, when we viewed the house, over a month ago, the EA said that the seller is waiting for nicer weather to do the garden ( very messy and looked as left in the middle of some project). Now when the accepted out offer shall we expect the garden to be done to some reasonable state?

specialsubject Fri 14-Mar-14 20:56:07

you can ask whatever you like - might be easier to send via the agent to give the vendor time to look things up.

they might not show you the bills but can be asked how much they are.

as for the garden - this needs to be written into the contract.

shoom Fri 14-Mar-14 21:02:34

I'm in Scotland so stuff like expected energy consumption for heat and light is provided by a surveyor. Asking to see bills feels odd and the info may not relate to you, e.g. they don't mind a cold house or they are at home all day with appliances running while you'd be out...

I think that asking detailed questions about the kitchen is fine but I'd be surprised to be asked to show an invoice for anything, unless it proved a guarantee, in which case maybe your solicitor would deal with that? Asking where it came from and the name of the style could help if you need replacement parts.

Asking how old the carpets are seems ok but I'd think either they look ok to you or they don't. They could be old but well looked after or newish but trashed. Some people may not know or remember what is under them.

Asking how old the heating system is is fine and also when it was last serviced. Ask if any repairs have been done recently.

Also you can ask about neighbours , insect infestations, noise...
What I have asked sellers is if they were staying on, what changes they'd consider doing, which can give really interesting ideas.

In general I think everything is sold as seen, so I think the garden would be acceptable legally as it is. If you want anything done e.g. garden rubbish removed your solicitor could put that in the contract.

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