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Blacksquirrel Fri 14-Mar-14 10:29:02

We are hopefully moving in 2 weeks time so we need to start packing up our 3 bed house.

I have no idea where to start. How do you judge how many boxes you need & what sizes? Should I just but a moving pack for a 3 bed house? Where should I start packing? We have only moved once before & it was a blur (with a newborn) so I don't even know where to start.

Any mumsnetters who love this kind of stuff able to offer sound advice please!?


cestlavielife Fri 14-Mar-14 11:07:18

a lot of big boxes... annd a lot of smaller ones for eg books as otherwise they too heavy.

clear a space or a room to stack boxes.
buy sharpie pens to label boxes with contents

get a pack of boxes eg argos or buy online. bubble wrap large roll or newspaper to wrap things.

start today - go to homebase and pick up some free boxes.

start in one room packing things not needed immediately.

SweetApril Fri 14-Mar-14 11:44:11

If you're using a removal firm to move house they may also have a packing service. We had planned to pack our own stuff because we couldn't really afford any of what we considered frivolous extras like someone packing for you. But then I injured myself and couldn't lift anything so we paid the extra for the removers packing service. Took two mornings for several burly fellas to pack our two-bed flat. We went out with the kids and left them to it. Was probably the best money we ever spent during the whole moving process.

Reese123 Fri 14-Mar-14 11:52:06

Blue ikea bags for clothes came in handy for my move this week, plus would recommend a lot of small or medium sized boxes as big ones are too heavy to carry

AngryFeet Fri 14-Mar-14 11:58:54

Are you using a removal firm? They should come in and tell you how many boxes you need then they will either sell or lend them to you.

You will need a lot more boxes than you would think!

I actually liked having more medium and small boxes otherwise you ended up packing boxes you couldn't lift or had half empty boxes which is an issue.

I started by packing the loft and shed totally, then kitchen stuff that wasn't used much, books, DVDs, ornaments etc.

Then I packed all clothes except what I needed for the last few weeks.

Last things packed were everything needed in last couple of days and they came in the car with me mainly.

You will need more time than you think so start now and work evenings.

Keep what you have packed for each room in that room and label everything for where it is going and what is in it. Makes it MUCH easier at the other end and unpacking is a doddle.

Remember to defrost your freezer/fridge the day before!

Lucylouby Fri 14-Mar-14 14:01:51

I put a plea on my Facebook page to see if anyone had any boxes we could have. Loads of people came forward offering boxes of various sizes. We had proper packing boxes, ones from supermarkets, some crates etc. I then re advertised them on fb when we unpacked and someone else took them of my hands. We needed far more than I thought we would. I underestimated how many boxes we would need and the weight of some of the stuff we would put in them. So always go with more than you think you will need.
Label each box as you do it, with what is in it and which room it came out of, be specific, it helps when you are unpacking.
I cleared a bedroom first (put dc in to share for a couple of weeks) then stacked all the boxes up in there, so they were all together and I didn't have to look at them in a corner of each room.

starfish4 Fri 14-Mar-14 14:06:52

Our removal firm calculated how many we would need and supplied the packing boxes. We had two large ones to spare. The one thing we did pack extra well as the tv - we we got extra cardboard which we taped around it before putting in a box.

You may be able to hire boxes from some removal/storage companies if you're stuck.

Blankiefan Fri 14-Mar-14 20:55:23

Buying boxes is expensive. Mothercare are good for free boxes (especially big ones). Morrisons is good for smaller ones.

Number your boxes and keep a list of contents. Write the name of the room they're going to on the boxes.

Good luck.

HawkeyeInChaos Fri 14-Mar-14 23:58:22

I've just moved and used the packing service from the removal firm. Brilliant. It took them a day. All I needed to do is provide tea and biscuits and play on mn until they finally had to pack the router.

cupcake78 Sat 15-Mar-14 08:00:35

Once you've sourced your boxes, tape, wrapping etc you then start on everything that's not essential. I'd say get a removals firm in. It's generally only 450-500 pounds and worth every penny as they'll dismantle and rebuild furniture on the day you move.

Empty china from cabinets, books, DVDs, vases etc. I would highly suggest you chuck things out as you go and be utterly ruthless in doing this! Label boxes with contents. Put on them the room they are going in. This may be different to where they came from ie a lot of out fragile stuff is going in the garage till we have time to sort it out so it's labeled garage. If fragile say so. You can do this months in advance and if it all falls through it simply doesn't matter!

I'm your last week pack a bag with clothes toiletries etc and you live out of this. Everything else gets packed or thrown out. You can clean as you go if you feel the urge. Our buyers have been f-ing c's for weeks and my priority isn't cleaning the house for them. Had they not taken us for a ride and cornered us into paying out yet more money the house would have sparkled.

Put your bedding in a big black sack/ikea bag. When you get to your house DONT use your bed to put stuff on. Keep it clear so you can just collapse in it!

A box of kitchen essentials inc tea coffee, scissors and a knife. Your case of clothes and a bucket with cleaning equipment, Hoover, goes in your car with you. Everything else in the van!

Think about were you want your furniture to go in the new house. This makes it all a lot easier at the other end. Take labels for each room door ie bedroom 1/2/3 so boxes can be put in the correct rooms.

Good luck.

yummymumtobe Sat 15-Mar-14 08:19:26

Packing service. Cost £200 for a 3 bed house I think. Takes them all day and you go out. If you think how long it would take you to do yourself, it's worth every penny. I would advise spending a few hours here and there before you move getting rid of stuff. So the packers are only packing things you actually want to take with you. Nothing more frustrating than arriving at your new place and unpacking to find stuff you should have chucked! A packing service isn't a luxury, honestly.

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