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Stamford to Lincoln

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clairehills Fri 14-Mar-14 09:31:32

Hello, my husband and I have been offered jobs in Lincoln. I am not overkeen on the area apart from Woodhall Spa but love Stamford. Does anyone know if stamford to Lincoln Uni is a feasible commute ?? Route planner says its about 1hr but I know these things can sometimes be under or over estimated. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !!! :-)

OliviaBenson Fri 14-Mar-14 21:45:56

It's a fair trek, I'd say well over an hour in traffic. What about Grantham (would be about 1hr) or even Newark in notts?

VivaLeBeaver Fri 14-Mar-14 21:50:06

Blimey, no.

I used to commute from Grantham to Lincoln. Took an hour.

Stamford is a fair bit further down the a1.

Woodhall spa is nice. Though you're the wrong side of Lincoln for the uni really. Traffic in lincoln can be awful as no bypass on the eastern or southern sides.

itiswhatitiswhatitis Fri 14-Mar-14 21:53:22

Stamford is at least an hour probably more if you have then got to get through lincoln city traffic to uni.

Woodall spa is still a 45min car journey to lincoln and all small B roads so it's easy to get caught behind slow moving traffic.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 14-Mar-14 21:53:26

Trying to think of other places you might like.


clairehills Fri 14-Mar-14 22:19:17

Thanks guys. Currently live in leamington spa and am worried that these villages may feel a little remote. Am only 34 ....what do you all think of Lincoln as an area ?

VivaLeBeaver Sat 15-Mar-14 07:50:46

Lincolns a big, lively city. Having the uni here gave it a kick up the arse.

But it is fairly geographically remote from the rest of the country I guess. Takes an hour to get to sheffield or Nottingham.

Do you want to live in a city, town or village?

There's plenty of bigger villages on the outskirts of lincoln which aren't too far from he city.

clairehills Sat 15-Mar-14 08:00:47

Thanks for your message.I think I would like to live in more of a town and closer to Notts. do you know what Newark is like, Southwell, Bingham ?

LIZS Sat 15-Mar-14 08:07:10

all very pleasant although Newark a bit of a sprawl in comparison with industrial chimneys. Newark/Southwell about 30 mins from Lincoln , Bingham about 45 but again wrong side for uni iirc.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 15-Mar-14 09:16:48

I don't know Bingham.

Southwell is lovely, smaller than Newark. Good schools. Not many shops but quite a few.

Newark is bigger. On main east coast line so you can be in London in just over an hour. Secondary schools don't have a good reputation. Plenty of shops. Nice waitrose. There are some parts of Newark which don't have a good reputation. Tolney lane area probably best avoided.

SpanielFace Sat 15-Mar-14 09:28:27

We live in Lincoln, and love it. Beautiful city, plenty going on especially since the uni opened, good schools, sensible house prices. I will admit though that I'm a country bumpkin, coming from a small rural market town initially, so Lincoln is the big smoke really! If you want pretty villages, Navenby, Collingham, Harmston, and Heighington are all nice.

IamInvisible Sat 15-Mar-14 09:35:10

It is doable, but you will be bloody knackered and short tempered, or maybe that's just my DH.

We live just outside Stamford, DH commutes to Coningsby everyday. He gets up at 5:10, leave at 6:15 to get to work by 7:30. He finishes work about 4:30-4:45 and gets home around 6:00 to half past.

It is a horrible commute, it isn't trunk roads, it's rural roads so although DH's commute is 49 miles it takes an age. You have to allow time for tractors, next week they are closing a bridge again for maintenance, so there is quite a diversion.

We're only doing it because of the stage our children were at with their education. As soon as we can, we're going to move.

IamInvisible Sat 15-Mar-14 09:38:49

Bingham is a lovely town, but I wouldn't want to drive the A52 everyday.

clairehills Sat 15-Mar-14 09:54:11

Can you not get from Bingham to Lincoln via the A46 ? Thanks everyone, your advice is much appreciated. Going o look at Southwell, Bingham and newark today. Anyone know if west bridgeford is worth a try or is that too far away ?

VivaLeBeaver Sat 15-Mar-14 10:53:30

West bridgeford is too far away. I know some people who live there and commute for six month secondments to Lincoln and its killing them.

Yes you'd drive on the a46 from Bingham to Lincoln.

I went from lincoln to Nottingham the other day. Set off from lincoln centre at 7am and turned off at the Bingham turn about 50 minutes later....maybe 45 mins. It would take longer later on in the day.

I've turned a job down in Nottingham recently as I can't face the commute every day.

iseenodust Sat 15-Mar-14 11:06:33

What about Retford if you don't want a village?

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