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Does anyone have a downstairs shower room and put their washing machine in their too?

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bryte Thu 13-Mar-14 15:31:56

We're having an extension and adding a downstairs shower room. I would like to be able to fit the washing machine in their too.

Has anyone done this? Are there certain regulations regarding showers and electrics that we'd need to work around?

How small a space can we get away with to fit in a washing machine, small basin, small loo and smallest shower? I've tried to measure it all out on the floor. I can fit in what I need to, theoretically, but I am worried about how imposing it will all look in a small space. It's not a shower that will be used often but the loo and sink will be used.

Anyone been there, done that with advice?

MissWing Thu 13-Mar-14 16:27:13

I'm just about to! And your timing is perfect...

The building regs changed recently (up until then it was against the rules to have large appliances so close to all the water), but now you can as long as certain criteria are met.

Building Control at your local authority will be able to provide the precise regs and then you can show them to your builder/electrician as if they are only familiar with the old version they may say 'not possible'

Ours is a long thin room so the plan it to have a 'laundry end' and a 'shower room end'

All the best

bryte Thu 13-Mar-14 16:34:04

Thank you. That's good to know about building regs. My room is more square, which is posing a problem. We currently have an outhouse type loo and washing area which will be knocked down. I keep standing in there trying to imagine it a bit wider and with a shower and basin added. It's not easy to imagine spaces before they are built. We don't want to make it bigger than it needs to be because it will encroach on the kitchen.

I just noticed my 'their there' typo. Sorry.

Pinkje Thu 13-Mar-14 16:58:55

Just make sure you have enough space to not only open your washing machine but space to crouch down when filling or emptying it. Maybe go for a top loader if space is tight.

SwedishEdith Thu 13-Mar-14 19:08:00

What will be the final dimensions of the room?

bryte Fri 14-Mar-14 09:03:22

1.75m x 2m, which is the same size as a bathroom upstairs. It's small, but enough space to fit everything in. I was trying to shave some off the 2m though as I have been panicking about the kitchen design. I've instead revisited the kitchen design and re-jigged that. I think it is all going to be okay confused It's tricky to do a bathroom plan online because they don't tend to have washing machines as an option on the side to slot in grin

SwedishEdith Fri 14-Mar-14 19:21:40

That'll be enough to open a washing machine. Mine's in a room narrower than that and an extra foot (which you have) would make a huge difference

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