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Soundproofing plasterboard?

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Lagoonablue Thu 13-Mar-14 08:46:27

I am trying to find a solution to noise through a party wall in a 30s semi. I can live with a degree of noise but the transfer between our bedroom and next doors is getting me down. I can hear coughs even! Plus shouting when they row and the drone of TV. It is not the kind of noise I could ask them to turn down as really it is normal noise but the walls must be thin.

Got a quote from a specialist firm but it is 2 grand and tbh I don't think I need such a drastic solution. Am not expecting total silence just muffling of noise so don't have to listen to their conversation. In my old house a wall of fitted wardrobes floor to ceiling did the trick but this room not really suitable.

Was wondering if anyone has used noise reducing plasterboard? Thinking of getting a plasterer to fix this to the alcove walls only and skim. Can't do chimney breast as has a fireplace but the brick is probably thicker here anyway. It is the alcove where the sound comes in.

I know it is suggested you have gaps and foam pumped on and there are lots of elaborate solutions but this may just do the job to some acceptable degree.

Any experience or advice anyone?

betterwhenthesunshines Thu 13-Mar-14 12:56:55

I've been looking into ceiling proofing as ours has come down and I want to be sure that what goes back up is sufficient. I don't know where you are but this firm supply at reasonable cost:

Soundproof plaster board alone isn't enough from my reading - you must insulate between battens (better for airborne noise?) or put up resilient bars as well (better for impact?) , but

Another thread has mentioned that it is the hollow chimney breast that will always be the weak spot so insultaing either side may not help you. Imagine insulating a wall, but leaving a door open - noise will still come through the gap - in theis case the chimney breast. But I haven't done it, so I'm not an expert!

Lagoonablue Thu 13-Mar-14 15:30:18

Thanks. I think the chimney breast is thicker due to fire regs. The alcoves are where the sound is coming from. I have read about various elaborate and expensive solutions but want to avoid these so was hoping plasterboard might just be enough in the circumstances. Not looking for total soundproofing.

Thanks for reply and links.

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