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Property chains

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Gemma77 Wed 12-Mar-14 17:25:14

We were very lucky to sell our home in 1 day and we found our dream home three days later! BUT now we are stuck as the current owners still have to find their new home (a bungalow). It's been three weeks so far and still nothing. Our EA (who we chase every week) assures us they are actively looking and that they had widened the areas they are looking at.

How long do you think is fair to give them to find somewhere? The reason I'm so impatient is because we are moving for school catchment areas. I have to apply for my sons secondary school in October (although we have told EA and solicitors that we need to be in by August).

Obviously we still don't know if the bungalow they eventually find will have a chain too!

Just wondered about other peoples experiences? Do you think we have any chance of getting into the new house in time for the school applications? How long did it take you if you were in a chain and how many people in the chain were involved?



vickibee Wed 12-Mar-14 17:28:25

they could always move into rented until they find somewhere? or maybe they are just wasters and you should look for another place?

lessonsintightropes Wed 12-Mar-14 17:32:52

Where are you buying OP? London is problematic and I am grateful our buyers (first timers) have born with us since October. The first place we tried to buy fell through, our new vendor has still to find somewhere, it does take time. They may not be able to move into rented financially speaking as they'd have to commit to a six month tenancy, and bear moving costs twice.

didireallysaythat Wed 12-Mar-14 18:21:42

We were in a similar position last year - the couple we bought from couldn't rent as they were retired (coming up with lump sums for deposits etc when you are a pensioner can be hard). We offered in January. They found something in May, they totally didnt get we needed to complete in order to get the school application in so we exchanged in the summer holidays which meant the county couldn't give us a school place until the last week of the school holidays.

But the market around us is weird....

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