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how do i know if i can put a dishwasher in?

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Mordirig Wed 12-Mar-14 12:49:46

We have exchanged on our new house and should complete in a few weeks time, however have only viewed the house once and there was no dishwasher in the kitchen.

The kitchen units are laid our as a squared U shape, with the sink on the bend and washing machine in one corner and oven/hob on the other side.
The vendor said they didn't put one in but they have an intergrated fridge right next to the washing machine, which we do not need.
They also said that the plumbing was all in the corner where the washing machine is, so I was wondering if it would be possible to remove the intergrated fridge and place a dishwasher there instead,,, does this sound do able?
Would it be possible to move the washing machine down to where the fridge is with a longer pipe/connecter ( can you tell I have no idea plumbing wise grin ) and put the dishwasher where the washing machine was?

Any advice, tips, stories, examples gratefully received thank you!

PigletJohn Wed 12-Mar-14 13:10:59

if it is a modern house, and the bathroom is on top of the kitchen there is probably a vertical plumbing duct in the corner where the soil pipe and water pipe run. In which case the sink waste and water pipes will go into it, and you can plumb other appliances too if there is nothing in the way. A normal dishwasher is 600x600x830mm. It will need an electrical connection as well.

kmdesign Wed 12-Mar-14 13:11:48

Its possible to swap the fridge with a dishwasher is its next to the sink. Have a plumber check it before buying anything though.

Mordirig Wed 12-Mar-14 13:35:15

House built in 1955 according to the HBR, the bathroom is above the kitchen, sounds like it shouldn't be a problem then,, just get a plumber in to have a look.
I think I will have another viewing and look in the cupboards see whats what.
Thank you PJ smile

PigletJohn Wed 12-Mar-14 14:26:06

a 1955 house probably has the stack on the outside of the house, rather than in an internal duct. By now the old iron may have been replaced by plastic, which is easier to work with.

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