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Relocating from Worcestershire to Bedfordshire

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Lisa117 Tue 11-Mar-14 22:35:25

Hi all,

My husband has been offered a promotion last week, which is based in Bedford. We spent the weekend down in Bedfordshire having a look at where we'd like to live. I haven't got a job down there yet, but touch wood, my husband can secure me a job in the same company as his, if not, I will be a lady of leisure for a bit.

When we were down there, I must say, I was overly impressed with Bedford itself. We are looking to live with 30-45 minute drive away, and I we quite liked Milton Keynes. Nice to new houses, and just looked cleaner, and a nicer area.

I am pregnant, (2 months down the line - first baby!), but I don't think schools are an issue at the moment. We are planning on renting for the first 6 months and then see what to do next. We've budged best part of £1,000 a month in rent to comfortably live and still save.

I just wanted to know if theres anywhere you guys would recommend in Bedfordshire.



CuddyMum Wed 12-Mar-14 17:47:00

Hi, I live in Harrold in Bedfordshire and love it. There are a mix of period and modern properties, pubs, shop, chippy, schools, Indian and good access to Bedford. Hope that helps. I work in Milton Keynes but would not choose to live there for a number of reasons (mainly schooling) plus I like living in a village. Any questions, feel free to ask. smile

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