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Right to light experts?

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gremlindolphin Tue 11-Mar-14 22:11:53

Hi just wondered if anyone had any advice?

We let out a property (my family home) and have an awkward neighbour. The properties back into each other and the back wall of our house is the boundary of his garden. In our deeds it states we have a right of access over his property to maintain our house as necessary. I always notify him of any access needs we have.

We have the right of light from the downstairs windows. He has tried to get (bully) us into relinquishing this right and in the end we refused.

He has also has tried to claim as he has a thin hedge 3 ft away from our window that we have already relinquished this right which we don't agree with as the hedge was put in place under mutual agreement between my father and the previous neighbour at least 20 years ago (if not 50) to provide a bit of privacy for them in their garden and us in our house. It still lets in light.

Tenants have just rung to ask if we had been previously notified that neighbour has erected an 8ft high 2 pole structure in front of our window in the 3ft area on our side of the hedge for which he must of come onto our land to get to and to dig it in!

He is such a wind up merchant! After previous situation I really don't want to engage with him! Tenants are sending photos tomorrow so I will know more there but does anyone have any thoughts?

gualsa Tue 11-Mar-14 22:44:44

I didn't think anyone had a right to light? Your local council will be the best port of call for you. Unfortunately there are so many ways someone can cause a neighbour grief but still be completely on the right side of the law. Because human beings are supposed to act in a reasonable manner there are no laws against causing upset by being an obstructive arse..

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