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When you have workmen in..

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Thegoatprophecy Tue 11-Mar-14 21:23:54

Would you leave them to it while you were at work; or book time off? I think I would be anxious with work going on in my house while I wasn't there...but not sure if I am being unreasonable!?

GillTheGiraffe Tue 11-Mar-14 22:57:23

It depends. What are they doing? What recommendations have I received? Do they seem trustworthy?
I left my plumber on his own for most of last week. He is self-employed and his reputation matters to him. He came highly recommended and is local. I feel I can trust him. Same with the local builders who built my extension - I went to work and left them to it.
I wouldn't automatically feel the same way about a tradesman who was sub-contracting for a large chain and didn't have a repuatation to protect.

Thegoatprophecy Wed 12-Mar-14 00:05:56

Yeah true common sense thanks. Just hadn't really thought about leaving them there.

BackforGood Wed 12-Mar-14 00:18:02

Same as GillTheGiraffe I have people that I've known for years and would have no hesitation leaving them / giving them my key etc.
Beyond that, it would depend to a greater extent on how long the job was going to take, and how easy it was to arrange to be at home. If it's something that's going on for weeks then obviously you are going to have to. If you have a job that isn't flexible with holidays or flexi time or working from home then you'll have to (unless you have someone who will house sit for you while the work is going on ?)

Innogen Wed 12-Mar-14 02:49:08

We had a year long project done, and lived on the building site, even when we had a sheet of plastic instead of a roof in the snow!

Did leave the builders until about 5 months, when the family company we were using had become firm, fast friends. Still friends now in fact.

I would not leave a stranger.

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