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Nice areas to live in Norwich??

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NiceOneCenturion Tue 11-Mar-14 14:34:42

We're due to move to Norwrich next month and we need to find somewhere to live!

DH will be working central city and I am SAHM with a toddler and a baby. I have some mobility problems, though hopefully not long term, but it means I can't drive at the moment so would prefer easy access to shops/groups etc by walking or public transport.

We would like to rent in an area we could settle in long term. Toddler will be due to start preschool in September and Reception the following year, so that is a priority.

We were looking at Eaton, Crinfleford and Thorpe St Andrew, does anyone have any experience of these areas, schools facilities etc? Or know anywhere else we may not have considered?

Any help much appreciated

NiceOneCenturion Tue 11-Mar-14 14:36:48

Norwich and Cringleford obviously! No wonder I'm not having much luck on right move...

Raxacoricofallapatorius Tue 11-Mar-14 14:50:24

I used to live in Thorpe St Andrew, right on the river and I have friends in Eaton and Cringleford. All lovely areas.

I've got to do the school run but will be back later with more advice.

Budget? What do you want for that money? Any other musts? Private or state schools?

Norwich is absolutely lovely and I think you'll be very happy there. Got to run for now!

NiceOneCenturion Tue 11-Mar-14 15:15:01

Thanks - we're very excited,DH and I met in Norwich at uni and have always wanted to go back but it's all happening a bit quick!

Last time we looked for houses in Norwich it was all Golden Triangle and what are the pubs like, now it's what's the ofsTed like and feel out of my depth.

We're paying 800 a month (and it's crippling us) for somewhere tiny and awful in the southeast at the moment, so I guess about the same for somewhere nicer hopefully. We really need to save if we ever have a hope of buying though. 3 bedrooms would be nice. Garden. State schools. Park/play areas for kids.

guineapiglet Tue 11-Mar-14 16:45:29

Another Norfolk girl here, wishing you luck, I am very jealous of you. We are now in SE and hate it, would move back to Norfolk or NW tomorrow....

All the areas you mention are great, but quite expensive. When we moved last year, schools were an issue, so I put some threads up in Education to try and get some ideas of where schools were, catchment areas, HS areas etc, I know Norfolk has problems with 6th Forms at schools - it might be along way off, but worth finding out about. Wymondham is also a good area, and schools there are sought after.
I am sure other Norfolk folk will be here to give you advice on schools etc.

Have fun!

NiceOneCenturion Tue 11-Mar-14 17:09:19

Thank you guineapiglet, yes schools is my big headache. I know Ofsted reports aren't the be all and end all but it's all I have to go on at a distance so feel I'm taking a gamble. Would like to have a few options but know that's not always possible.

We did think about going further out, towards Wymondham or Hethersett or a village, but I'm almost chronically introverted and worry I'd find it hard to break into established groups in more rural areas? This might be an unfounded fear on my part though.

Whereabouts in Norfolk were you from?

guineapiglet Tue 11-Mar-14 17:35:15

Hi again

Spent High School years just outside Wymondham and went to school there - we had moved down from the NE, and to be honest, did find it quite unfriendly to start with. I still have lots of family on the other side of Norwich - we often visit, and I would give my right arm to move back there, the coast is fabulous, and as you know, the city is really special. It is a lot more cosmopolitan now, and I imagine lots of newcomers/visitors so would be a good place to get involved with Mums and Tots, playgroups etc, but it does require confidence and a will to do it. My mum used to teach at Bignold primary, up near the old N and N hospital, but not sure what that is like now. Others will advise, but do try posting in Primary Education for best answers. Very jealous!!! envy

Misty9 Tue 11-Mar-14 23:05:32

Hi there. We live in Norwich with a toddler and a baby due in few weeks smile

I'm not a native but in the two years since we moved here we've moved around a fair bit (bloody renting issues) so have gotten to know the city fairly well. We lived in Thorpe st Andrew for a bit and, although nice and quiet area with good schools, it was a bit suburban for us - and a very real issue is the lack of parks. Also, someone I know moved there specifically for Hillside primary, then it went downhill. So although schools are important, I think they can be so changeable it's worth considering other factors too.

Eaton is lovely, but pricey. Cringleford I don't know - our price range seemed to all be new build estate type houses, which isn't us. We have now bought in the centre, three bed 30s semi near Ipswich road, and our local primary is Lakenham. Doesn't have the best reputation, but it is improving and there isn't much choice tbh.

Golden triangle is still where it's 'at' for most of our parent friends; nice vibe, great schools and good parks. But boy do you pay for it. A premium we decided just wasn't worth it. The outstanding school is Recreation Road, but even that has some rumours circulating regarding it being less than outstanding. And to get in there you have to live seriously close. Bignold is good I hear, but again catchment is the issue.

North city has good primaries, but less of the vibe we wanted (and our friends are round here) although you definitely get more for your money house wise.

Our area is lovely IMO, move here grin

Any other questions, ask away!

NiceOneCenturion Wed 12-Mar-14 10:34:28

Thanks for replies, just going out now but will be back later with questions!

5madthings Wed 12-Mar-14 10:38:09

I live just off Ipswich road. Opposite Eaton rise.

Eaton, ringleaders are nice. If you pm me I can add you to a Norwich mnet group on Fb?

5madthings Wed 12-Mar-14 10:40:17

Bignold has been ok to get into if you live around town, Ipswich road. People near me have got in, it's about half hour walk for me to bignold.

NiceOneCenturion Wed 12-Mar-14 21:30:56

That's helpful misty9, it's kind of confirmed a few things I was unsure of about Thorpe St Andrew, as I couldn't really get a sense of what is really there, or find out much about parks and play areas. We have a brilliant park nearby to us now, so access to that sort of thing would be important for my DS. Another thing is it did seem quite far out, how easy is it to get into the city from there?

Eaton does seem nice and is closer to the places I know, the primary seems to not be doing so well though? and it is off-putting I guess.I think though you're right about schools - it's obviously a consideration, but like you say, a lot can change in a year or two.

Btw, my dd is 9 weeks old and having two is lovely grin but we are watching a lot of ceebeebies at the moment

We were hoping to line up some viewings for the weekend but things seem to go very quickly, so think we're going to have to take a flyer and see what we can get on the day.

Thanks 5madthings, that's very kind and would be lovely, but I'm not on Facebook at the moment, though perhaps I should reactivate my account...

You've given me some other areas to think about and all been so nice it's taken the edge off the panic!

atomicyoghurt Wed 12-Mar-14 22:33:18

I loved to Eaton in the Summer and have just bought in Eaton Rise. In Eaton we were paying about 900 a month for a 4 bed large house. But rentals in Eaton don't come up too often.

There's a few coming up to buy every week though.

I prefer Eaton to Cringleford. We eloped at Thorpe St Andrew but didn't like the walk into town from there.

Eaton Primary is in trouble according to Ofsted, but it's a great school really in terms of location and facilities. The new head is spinning some magic and improvement is expected to be rapid. I'm sure we'll be back to 'good' within 2 academic years. We'll be out of special measures by September. The new head told me he'd be here less than a year so he clearly has high hopes.

My daughter is at Eaton Elephants preschool. It's a good little preschool but it's privately owned rather than a charity and that is obvious from the facilities and the admin not being too great. But the kids are all happy and it does its job. Also. It's on the school site which makes life tres easy!

Get onto the fb group and come out with us! Your arrival with give us an excuse to go out!

atomicyoghurt Wed 12-Mar-14 22:34:03

Eloped? looked

atomicyoghurt Wed 12-Mar-14 22:35:56

Also let 5madthings and I know when you are coming up we could have a tea or whatever in between your viewings!

That's exactly what I did when I was looking, and how I met 5madthings. Our Dds are almost inseparable now!

Misty9 Thu 13-Mar-14 16:25:49

Thank you for the reassurance that having two is lovely niceone grin I must admit I'm starting to crap myself ever so slightly...!

I used to walk into the city from our place in Thorpe but it took about 45mins-1hr with a pram.

Things do go quite quickly you're right; also, I'd recommend avoiding JSM lettings due to their extortionate fees I'd recommend avoiding letting agents altogether really, but not always possible

Feel free to PM me if you want to meet up with a very sleep deprived stressed mum of two when you come here! grin

Wildhorses123 Thu 13-Mar-14 16:39:15

Hi, we moved to Norwich 4 years ago and love it here. We are in the GoldenTriangle which is incredibly family friendly, with lovely parks and loads of baby and toddler activities and groups. My daughter has just started at rec road infant school and I've been really pleased with it so far, although it is big- 4 class intake. Colman road primary also has a good reputation.
I've found it really easy to make friends since moving here, mainly with other parents with similar aged children- there is a lovely, welcoming, open vibe in this area and we've decided we'd rather pay a bit more to stay in this area (currently renting a smallish but nice 3 bed house for 650, v close to the school and lovely park, so it's not too bad at all I think) Good luck!

keely027 Fri 18-Nov-16 13:48:46

Hi misty what rumours have you heard about recreation school? We are moving into the area and one person was very anti this school but not sure if she was truthful many thanks x

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