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Has anyone used Any good?

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KirstyJC Mon 10-Mar-14 22:07:58

I have got a couple of samples of wooden worktops from and I am thinking of buying from them.

Has anyone used them before? Were they good? Is the overall quality of the wood good?

The samples are lovely and the sales service when I ordered them seems excellent, but I haven't heard of them before they came up on google so ideally it would be good to hear from people who have used them before. Thanks.

Mrsladybirdface Mon 10-Mar-14 22:11:11

I haven't ordered yet but I went to their showroom recently and they were really lovely, it seemed like a daily run business. worktop s looked lovely too smile b

Mrsladybirdface Mon 10-Mar-14 22:11:35

daily= family

KirstyJC Mon 10-Mar-14 22:16:35

Good to hear - I am too far away to pop in to see for myself, which is one of the reasons I wanted to hear from others. Everything can be made to look good on t'interweb! Glad to hear they look lovely in real life too.

Which one are you thinking of getting? I have Iroko and Oak samples and am due a beech sample tomorrow! blush If I carry on I can probably do the whole worktop in sample pieces like a patchwork quilt!grin

Mrsladybirdface Mon 10-Mar-14 22:22:15

we're going in again this week to make a final decision. the American walnut was beautiful but a bit dark for our kitchen.

Think we may be boring and go for oak, I wasn't keen on the full starve prime oak it looked a bit 80s.

I can take pics on Thursday if you like and load them on my profile?

KirstyJC Tue 11-Mar-14 07:34:15

Oh wow that would be awesome, thank you so much! Yes please!

I have pretty much discounted the iroko as I think it will get too dark, which is a shame as it looks gorgeous. Not very dark at the moment but it goes darker over the first 6 months or so apparently, so it ends up like the photos.

I am thinking it will probably be the beech but may be the oak. My DM has beech (not from here) and it is about a year old and is lovely and golden colour, looks amazing. If they have a beech and oak, in the thinner 27mm sizes, a photo of those would be SO

MrsJamin Tue 11-Mar-14 08:14:24

I think we will go with iroko as I love the dark wood and it seems more resilient than oak. I come back to the fact that if it's good for school science labs it's good for a kitchen! I got a sample from pure tree and it is just stunning.

KirstyJC Tue 11-Mar-14 08:35:55

Yes I think the iroko is the best one to use as it is really dense and has a high oil content. I have been searching images for it and it looks the most gorgeous dark colour, really rich and warm. It is definitely the one that I think is prettiest but I do think it will be dark in our kitchen.

Although we have a lot of light (5 windows all down one wall) there is a lot of worktop as it is a galley-style, so it would be dark. We have just painted the cupboards cream as they were oak-effect and it has lightened the room up so much I would hate to make it dark again! But is it SO pretty.......ooh now I am undecided all over again!

strongandlong Tue 11-Mar-14 08:40:38

We have iroko worktops and floor in our kitchen and I don't think it makes the room look dark at all. The cabinets are white gloss. I'll try and post a photo later. It's been in for 20 years so I don't think it's going to get any darker now...

strongandlong Tue 11-Mar-14 08:42:55

10 years, not 20.

strongandlong Tue 11-Mar-14 09:13:31

Pic on my profile.

I love the worktops. I'd have them again, although I would look after them a bit better. We've just oiled them for the first time since we first put them in hmm

KirstyJC Tue 11-Mar-14 10:03:50

Oh WOW! Strong that is just beautiful!!shock

OK, so now I want Iroko again. I'm so easily swayed!!grin

I think that colour is just gorgeous, I honestly think I may need to go for Iroko as I keep picking up the sample and stroking it....blush Anything else will just get compared to that.

Better get the calculator out again! Shame it's the most expensive.

KirstyJC Tue 11-Mar-14 10:04:31

Also loving the idea that you can leave it for a decade without oiling - that's my kind of maintenance!!

KirstyJC Tue 11-Mar-14 11:41:27

Oh, now the beech sample has arrived I love that one again! Decisions, decisions........

strongandlong Tue 11-Mar-14 11:49:48

Glad you like it smile

It is a lovely warm colour. I don't think wood is the surface to go with if you want it to look immaculate. It is rather battered and lived in now. It has a few burns and knife marks (nothing that wouldn't come off if we sanded and refinished though, I don't think). It's a bit stained/bleached around the sink where we've let water sit on it.

I quite like that though - it's a nice contrast to the hard surfaces of the tiles and cabinets.

I wouldn't have a ceramic sink again - it's only ever white for a split second after I've finished scrubbing it. Grrr.

KirstyJC Tue 11-Mar-14 11:54:28

No, we're going for a stainless steel sink. I love the look of ceramic but I would probably break too many plates in it!

I also like the 'lived in' look. (I can pretend I am aiming for shabby chic, rather than just being a slob!)

The beech is cheaper than the iroko and I think the final colour is more what I am after, although the iroko is just gorgeous I do think it will be a lot darker and that isn't what we want.

Is your worktop the 27mm deep? They also come in 40mm which I was considering but having got samples in both I actually think the thinner looks better.

melomum Tue 11-Mar-14 13:49:56

I recently got work tops from them - great quality , prompt delivery, and I think the price was good. My local builder uses them a lot I think and says they are best quality for the price- good luck!

strongandlong Tue 11-Mar-14 14:12:00

I use a dishwasher plastic washing up bowl, so haven't had a problem with excess breakages. Even so, I've never really got on with that sink. SS all the way next time.

They are 40mm. I vaguely remember wanting a chunky look, although I now think the slimmer ones look better. I got our fitter to bevel the edges very slightly which makes it softer looking (and also means it hurts less when your toddler bumps their head on it).

KirstyJC Tue 11-Mar-14 14:16:29

For the bevelled edges, how does that work on a right angle join? I prefer the look of them bevelled but we have 2 corners and I can't see in my mind how that would look where the bevels meet, iyswim?

strongandlong Tue 11-Mar-14 14:46:41

Because the joint is scribed (see [[ here for a diagram/explanation), the two bevelled edges fit neatly together. I've tried to take a pic of our corner, but because the bevel is only 2mm, it doesn't really show up.

You would need to have a mitred or scribed joint though. A butt joint wouldn't work, I don't think.

strongandlong Tue 11-Mar-14 14:47:08

oh ffs here

McMardyBum Tue 11-Mar-14 15:22:31

We have used them twice in the last couple of years for the utility room and then the kitchen (oak in both). The service from them has been fantastic, and the wood quality is great- we would definitely use them again!

Mrsladybirdface Thu 13-Mar-14 15:41:51

OK just back..


are the pictures I've managed to get. They were really helpful again. We've, surprisingly, decided to go for the standard oak in 27mm. We just loved the rustic look.

Hope this helps

KirstyJC Thu 13-Mar-14 18:24:22

Thank you so much for this Mrsladybirdface. It is so helpful to see things in real life - it has definitely ruled out the iroko, lovely though it is, as I honestly do think it will be too dark. I love the walnut too but that is too dark and too expensive!

The oak does look lovely I must admit. I think we will still go for the beech though, although I reserve the right to change my mind on a daily basis until it is actually here and fitted! grin

Your kitchen layout looks lovely - bet that is amazing with oak!

Thanks so much once again, it was so helpful of

lorri126 Mon 23-Mar-15 16:20:46

i have used them loads of times s we are Kitchen retailers
They are a great company and the tops are really good quality - have used them for years and no problems at all

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