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Making a very small patio - Fired Earth tiles

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JessieJayne Mon 10-Mar-14 08:17:00

We have a very small patio area which needs serious attention. We've never had any sort of garden area before but thought we'd give it a mediterranean feel. There are already brick walls between neighbours which we thought we'd paint white on our side.

We saw these tiles at the weekend and it does say they are suitable for outdoor use

Is there anything we should be aware of before embarking on this project?

truelymadlysleepy Mon 10-Mar-14 08:43:49

I think they look lovely but FE are very expensive. Buy a sample then shop around for the equivalent.

JessieJayne Wed 12-Mar-14 09:29:41

I've had a look around and to be honest can't see anything that looks half as good as these Fired Earth ones. I know they are expensive but it is a very small patio. Does anyone have them? I suppose they must be hard wearing and frost proof??

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