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Genius idea for maximising space in small kitchen

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pops84 Mon 10-Mar-14 01:22:41

we are in the midst of kitchen and loft extension planning. despite extension the kitchen is still going to be quite short on worktop space.

We are planning to to have our cabinets made by local company so they go up to the ceiling and as our ceiling is quite high 274cm have always wondered about having a shelf under the wall cabinets rather than open and pretty useless space above.

Came across this which incorporates a shelf under wall cabinets and in my view looks great! providing handy additional space for stuff you want to keep close to hand and display without going all the way to having open shelving.

However my dilemma is that we were thinking of having very similar colour to this against one wall but a dark grey island opposite which would have a stainless steel worktop

see attached link:

and look at bryans kitchen no 2

I think the fold over shelf would work opposite but as we are having sink there dont want wooden worktop on sink side.

CAN ANYBODY HELP!! ITS 1.20 AT NIGHT AND i am clearly loosing the plot!

before i saw the shelf we were thinking about about concrete type granite or quartz worktop and splashback but really want to incoporate fold over stainless steel shelf and not sure what will go with that.

We could use tiles as in the picture but then unsure about worktop on sink side.

anyway need to go to bed before husband catches me on mumsnet again and divorces me...

somebody out there please provide some inspiration!

KarenBrockman Mon 10-Mar-14 05:51:22

You need to double bracket the links

attached link:

KarenBrockman Mon 10-Mar-14 05:54:13

I like the shelf in the first link. Not behind the sink though. I like the wallpaper above the shelf as well where there is no other pattern or colour in the kitchen.

SomewhatSilly Mon 10-Mar-14 06:02:38

Would you have a step or something to reach stuff at the top of the cupboards?

BikeRunSki Mon 10-Mar-14 06:03:21

We have a shelf like that. Same wood as worktop.

KarenBrockman Mon 10-Mar-14 06:06:21

Where did you source it? I like that look.

OnePlanOnHouzz Mon 10-Mar-14 07:48:32

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

BikeRunSki Mon 10-Mar-14 08:15:18

What I mean is that we have a narrow shelf between the worktop and wall units. The joinery who installed our kitchen put it in, made it out of similar stuff the what the worktop is made from. I didn't think it was that unusual. it's not a particulalry expensive kitchen.

pops84 Mon 10-Mar-14 13:31:38

Karen - what do you mean about needing a double bracket? I thought the shelf was made in one piece and simply folded over in construction, not sure how they do this. I have a company that is doing stainless steel worktop on island so was going to ask them to construct it.

pops84 Mon 10-Mar-14 13:40:27

sorry pressed send before i had finished- anyway the point was that although wall cabinets will be high 70 cm from worktop, i will still be able to reach first shelf in them- which will be fine for glasses etc. My husband is 6.4 so will be able to reach the rest (he does all the cooking) and also has tons of stuff that we don't use on a daily basis.

The black hexagonal pattern behind is tiles rather than wallpaper, fired earth do something similar.

The main issue is the worktop - we have had wooden worktop before and was ruined by sink so need alternative ideas. on the island will we stainless steel like in the roundhouse link above but need something to soften it a bit....

ContentedSidewinder Mon 10-Mar-14 13:48:33

Karen meant any link needs two brackets like this [[ then you paste in the link and finish it with another set of brackets ]] if you want to make a hyperlink you do double bracket, then paste the link press space type the word you wish to be the link then end it with the double bracket.

Otherwise everyone has to copy paste your link and I think some phones have difficulty with that. The shelf is a great idea, but more stuff to clean!

KarenBrockman Mon 10-Mar-14 13:50:41

grin not that type of bracket, I was talking about your broken links. People on certain devices will not be able to copy and paste your links.


You need two of those, then your link then another two of these] to make your link work.

pops84 Mon 10-Mar-14 15:53:48

Doh! sorry i didn't realise! still quite new to posting things! thanks for the advice, useful to know how its done properly.

noddyholder Mon 10-Mar-14 16:04:07

I often do this in developments lthough try and make it quite slim to put spices and oils etc on it I also use the same finish as worktop.

MrsJamin Mon 10-Mar-14 16:53:57

pops84, who is doing your stainless steel surface? Am looking into this myself, having a section in steel, and the rest in wood to soften/warm it up a bit. Seems as expensive as granite so far though sad

minipie Mon 10-Mar-14 17:52:09

the point was that although wall cabinets will be high 70 cm from worktop, i will still be able to reach first shelf in them- which will be fine for glasses etc. My husband is 6.4 so will be able to reach the rest (he does all the cooking) and also has tons of stuff that we don't use on a daily basis.

Hmm I'd be cautious about building a kitchen where only a 6'4 person can reach most of the cupboard space - if you ever want to resell.

Why not have the wall cupboards at the normal height (ie so you can reach at least 2 shelves in them!), and squeeze a shallow shelf underneath anyway? The shelf would not have a lot of "head hight" but it could still be great for spices, salt and pepper, favourite mugs, teabags etc.

BikeRunSki Mon 10-Mar-14 18:14:40

Our kitchen ceiling is pretty normal new build lowing height. Worktop is standard 900 mm, cabinets are pretty normal height. The midway shelf is perfect for herbs, jam etc

ChippyMinton Mon 10-Mar-14 19:58:02

My kitchen has a good compromise. It has glass sliding door cupboards above the worktop, with solid door cupboard up to the ceiling.

The glass cupboards hold everyday stuff - mugs, glasses, spices and condiments etc- and the higher cupboards are used as a larder, with frequently used stuff On the lower shelf, and store cupboard stuff on the top, which we stand on a step to reach.

pops84 Tue 11-Mar-14 22:31:08

noddy holder you mentioned that you have frequently done this in developments - can i ask how high off the worktops you place the shelf and distance between it and wall cabinets.

At moment plan to have wall cabs- 70cm from worktop which will mean i can reach two shelves (have gone and tested it!) and shelf at about 40-45 cm?

stainless steel worktop coming from stainless steel direct, who have been really helpful.

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