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Loft conversion. Any tips etc?

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bellaboo88 Sun 09-Mar-14 09:37:41


I'm having a builder around on Monday to sort out our patio & quote us for the loft.

We have a 70s built 3bed semi. It has a flat wall at side & enough room for a staircase off the long landing.

I really don't know too much & my dp goes on about 'to standards' etc. Am I right to assume to standards means we can sell as a bedroom but not to standards means we can use as a bedroom but not sell as an extra bedroom?

Any ideas on what we may expect as a benchmark for either?

Thanks x

Christelle2207 Sun 09-Mar-14 09:52:01

Hi. We have a 1928 semi and we are getting a loft conversion and the cost will be about 30k- that is including an ensuite though and will be to building regs. In my old house we had one which was not built to regulations but we used it as a spare room just fine just couldn't sell it as a 3 bed, rather it was a 2 bed with "loft room". A lot of it is about fire doors- to pass building regulations it will have to have the right fire doors but not just the new doors -almost all doors in the house will either have to be replaced or coated in special expensive paint to make them fireproof.

bellaboo88 Mon 10-Mar-14 09:41:52

Wow 30k, we've been told that budget will get an extension up my way. Fingers crossed should know by tonight, very excited! X

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