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Anyone bought the new ikea metod??

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sleepdodger Sat 08-Mar-14 15:57:02

Had faktum in last house, loved it for budget we had the build quality extras etc were unrivalled
Wondered what new range is like, about to have loads of work done and budget is tight...

KarenBrockman Sun 09-Mar-14 13:47:33

What have you made the Pax do that they should not? I got the new narrow Pax hanging rail and it fits in my wardrobe, I am not sure if they changed the Pax carcas or not.

Badvoc Sun 09-Mar-14 15:36:07

Oh yes. I love my twigs and pebbly shit grin

MummytoMog Sun 09-Mar-14 18:22:45

I made the shallow depth one take a sideways hanging rail - fits skirt hangers and kids clothes fine. Then we added some rationell fittings in which made life easier.

Badvoc Sun 09-Mar-14 18:39:30

I am sadly excited about my new sorting bins which will go under my sink blush

pluCaChange Mon 10-Mar-14 08:24:44

Nothing sad about sorting bin excitement! I'd LOVE everything to be as easily sortable as recycling in nice bins!

McFlurry Mon 10-Mar-14 08:36:40

Ha! I have just painted out the grey walls that I've had for the last 10 years. I must have been way ahead of my time with that one. Does that make me hipster that I got rid of something just as it becomes popular? Can't possibly be hipster in Clarks boots FFS

Badvoc Mon 10-Mar-14 12:05:19

I had grey walls when I first get married 15 years ago!
I never seem to be "on trend"

Maribeth Wed 23-Jul-14 20:33:41

We bought a Metod kitchen in Spain, and were quite surprised when it was only released in the UK a few weeks later. But our head start means we've got one to show you. It's not especially different to Faktum in quality, but the increase in versatility is enormous, something we've really exploited.

There's a big fridge/freezer and a dishwasher in there, behind those first two leftmost panels, followed by the induction hob over the oven - with an extractor fan above behind another door - and we love our black Hallviken sink.

It's all IKEA, all Metod, Ringhult Brilliant White with Abedul (Birch) worktops, except for the tiles - Vives Town Blanco on the floor and Vives Essen Blanco at splashback height. Or, as it isn't really all white, 'fifty shades of grey' as we call it.

Can't tell you what it cost, as it was part of a more major refurb of our apartment here. Has to have been reasonable, though.

But whatever the kitchen cost, the view through the kitchen window is priceless :-)

iggymama Tue 05-Aug-14 22:17:14

Lovely kitchen and a stunning view Maribeth.

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