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How good are UPVC sash windows for noise reduction?

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BearsOhMy Thu 06-Mar-14 11:39:13

I've recently bought a victorian terraced house on a very busy main road (didn't realise quite how busy until too late!!) and the traffic noise is driving me round the bend. We currently have single glazed sash windows which were a selling point until I actually lived in the house (all other houses in the terrace have your average plastic DG windows and I now know why!!). I never thought I would consider replacing them but the noise is distressing me so much it's either new windows or new house....Anything for some peace and quiet!! I've noticed in my area that quite a few properties have UPVC DG sliding sash windows which look really good....I find it quite hard to tell the difference with some. Something like these....
This would be a good compromise for me but I don't know if they offer the same soundproofing as DG casement windows? I'm not keen on secondary glazing and also heard from another 'mumsnetter' that it made no difference on her sash windows. I can't afford to replace with wooden double glazed sash's and don't want to get into a debate about the rights and wrongs of plastic v's wood....just would like to know if anyone has had these windows fitted on a busy road and did they reduce the noise? Cheers!!

flyingchick1 Thu 06-Mar-14 14:25:42

We had a upvc double glazed sash fitted about six months for the same reasons you' be stated. For us it has made a massive reduction in noise and from that aspect am really pleased with it. From the exterior it us difficult to tell the difference from a true wooden sash, from the inside I have to say it does not have the same character as the old window. But in terms of noise reduction well worth it. Think we paid about £1500 for ours ( it is a huge window though! ) hope that helps

BearsOhMy Thu 06-Mar-14 18:59:02

Thanks so much for your reply, that's a great help! I'm really pleased to hear it made a difference to the noise. I hadn't thought about how it would look inside....i do love the look of the traditional sash's....but the noise is annoying me so much I think it would be a sacrifice worth making! Did you have normal double glazing in the sash or did you go for acoustic laminated glass? What make did you go for (if you don't mind me asking)? There is so much choice it's a bit overwhelming and I'm sure quality varies greatly.

flyingchick1 Thu 06-Mar-14 20:44:23

Hi, our sash just has standard double glazing in. The other ( normal!) windows we replaced at the same time are 10cm/8.8cm laminated acoustic glass and are fantastic for noise reduction. However because our sash is big this glass was physically too heavy to go in it as obviously the window has to lift up! So yes just normal double glazing but still it makes a considerable difference and it's much warmer too!! Not sure of the make as they were from a local firm. I will ask dh when he gets in.

BearsOhMy Thu 06-Mar-14 21:09:07

Thanks! That's good to know smile I wake up some mornings and I feel like I'm on the central reservation of the M1!!! Dh doesn't seem bothered by it but it's getting me down and I need to do something fast or I'll be insisting we put the house back on the market (will be dh's turn to go mad then!!)

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