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Wooden windows need attention - do you have any experience of window refurbishment?

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shoom Mon 03-Mar-14 11:04:56

It's a 20 year old house and many neighbours have moved to uPVC. I've had a couple of quotes for uPVC and have just encountered the timber vs uPVC dilemma.

I'd need to retain the Georgian bars. The uPVC samples of Georgian bars I've been shown look frankly like something my toddler and I could knock up. My side-opening casement windows in the living room are too tall for uPVC casement, so would have to be tilt and turn or rotating style. I am now wondering if my wooden windows can be salvaged, but a quick internet search indicates that companies who do this expect me to have traditional sash and case windows. So is it silly to think about overhauling modern windows that are probably made of crappy softwood? Should I get refurb quotes from a window company, joiner, who? Do you paint yours yourself?

The windows have flaking paint with some exposed wood, some rotten / missing wood on external Georgian bars, broken or missing safety catches and some loose handles.

shoom Mon 03-Mar-14 11:10:51

I've just bought the house and would guess the previous owners have not done any maintenance work to the windows.

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