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Next furniture harder to assemble than Ikea furniture!

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LizCurly Sun 02-Mar-14 19:30:31

I've just spent five hours (with regular tea breaks) assembling a media unit thing from next. I've never found any flat pack from Ikea so challenging. It is oak effect too which according to somebody on the why do all houses look the same is totally naff! omg. five hours to build a naff piece of furniture. Although I like it. I'm so proud. Feel like I've built a house. grin

So, this is kind of a boast and a warning I think!

sleepyhead Sun 02-Mar-14 23:48:14

I felt really proud of my flat pack skills after building most of the furniture in our flat - all IKEA.

Then I got a tiny bookcase from Argos. OMFG. It was MFI all over again. The screw holes weren't quite in the right place, the fixings were fiddly, the instructions kept going on about hole A and slot B, and when it was all put together it was slightly rickety and not quite square.... It took me ages, and I pride myself with being able to construct a basic Billy in 15 mins

I've come to the conclusion that IKEA are just completely shit hot when it comes to manufacturing flat pack, and their instructions are a work of genius.

oldnewmummy Mon 03-Mar-14 07:03:56

I'd have to agree - Lego and IKEA I am fab at, anything else and I'm yelling with frustration.

LizCurly Mon 03-Mar-14 12:33:18

Glad it's not just me!

From now on, I'm either buying things assembled or I'm sticking to IKea.

THere is a company called dunelm, I've never bought anything from them before but I notice some of their furniture is delivered assembled.

TerribleHumanBeing Mon 03-Mar-14 19:23:50

Don't lean on it or drop anything against it.

<looks sadly at once beautiful Next furniture, now full of holes after two years>

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