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Patio Inspiration?

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YoHoHoandabottleofWine Sat 01-Mar-14 21:53:20

We have a completely flat and empty garden, just grass and fences and one tree near bottom. About 60ft long. Need a patio but we have no idea what shape/size etc.

If I search online for inspiration, most photos are quite close up and don't give the context of patio in relation to the house. Has anyone got any ideas as to how I work out what will work?

We aren't planning on doing much to the garden and also don't want to spend loads.


OnePlanOnHouzz Sun 02-Mar-14 08:37:06

do you have a garden hose ? if you do, use it to create a shape on the ground, that gives you adequate space for a table and chairs - and still gives you flower beds and a nice organic curved shape ... see how the light works in that space over the space of a day or two and if you like it ask quote to create a patio that size and shape ! or if you'd rather plan it on a computer
can help !

NothingMoreScaryThanAHairyMary Sun 02-Mar-14 12:35:59

Have you looked on Pinterest I find it really useful for ideas on how things can work together in the garden.

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