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Freestanding Appliances.

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VarcityEdinburgh Sat 01-Mar-14 08:06:27

I have moved into a new-build apartment and decided to replace the rather pathetic integrated washer/dryer with separate dryer and washing machine. The only thing that I know well is that the Washing machine only will fit into the space of the old appliance once the plinth is adjusted and the space made clear for the new appliance, and it may stick out ever so slightly.

The thing is I am thinking putting the dryer against the small wall that separates the open plan kitchen from the dining/living area where the WM is on the other side of the wall to keep them close together as possible it would sit on a corner of carpet in the dining area close to the table, the other option that I have considered but gone against (as have my parents after asking their opinion) was to put it in the spare bedroom which is used for a study but I wanted to keep the appliances close together and keep the bedrooms as they are without any chaos or clutter that can be made with laundry.

Can I ask you Mumsnetters for your opinion?
Do you think I have decided the best option in terms of appliances choice and the positioning of my dryer?!

BackInTheWoo Sat 01-Mar-14 08:33:44

Probably. But I do think it'll stick out further than you think. So i would go for an integrated WM. You can always move the TD if you decide it's not right where you put it.

VarcityEdinburgh Sat 01-Mar-14 08:43:39

Thanks BackInTheWoo, I have already bought the appliances with the washing machine being placed where the integrated was. Been looking around my 1st floor flat for space for the dryer (like second bedroom come study) and only would be right closest to kitchen along the small wall that 'separates' the open plan dining/living and kitchen spaces.

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