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zoopla and mouseprice

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sadonherbehalf Fri 28-Feb-14 16:50:38

how reliable are these. My house seems to go down in value each month on zoopla, but the other houses in the terrace, all of which are the same, seem to go up each month, and are now valued at £50k more than mine. Very odd
On the other hand, on mouseprice, all the terrace seems to go up each month by the same percentage. Do people actually take any notice of these figures when buying houses, if so I hope they look at mouse price and not zoopla!!!

Crutchlow35 Fri 28-Feb-14 17:52:05

Not reliable AT ALL. How on earth would a computer know the inside of every house? All it knows is the price the last buyer bought it for plus they add a reasonable percentage.

systemsmalfunction Fri 28-Feb-14 19:29:19

Zoopla - about 40k under what we sold our last house for

trixymalixy Fri 28-Feb-14 20:09:57

I looked at my neighbour's house on Zooplankton and was shock at the price. It was overvalued by about £500k.

I noticed that there was a button for the homeowner to have input into the house value. Just to see what would happen I said I thought our house should be valued at a ridiculous price. Lo and behold a couple of days later it appeared on the website.

So no, I wouldn't trust the prices.

CorusKate Fri 28-Feb-14 20:10:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

trixymalixy Fri 28-Feb-14 20:10:52

Lol at the autocorrect! Clearly I meant Zoopla.

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