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Building regs prices

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superlambanana Thu 27-Feb-14 21:32:48

Building inspector came to see our extension foundations. We've just had a bill from them for £500... Does this sound right? How many more visits can we expect?

Also had scary letter from the council saying if we use an independent inspector (which our architect is doing) the council is not obliged to pass it, which we need. I'm now quite worried! Does anyone have any advice?

PETRONELLAS Thu 27-Feb-14 21:38:25

I used an independent. They were responsible for ensuring it was ll legal etc. I guess if it hadn't been they'd be liable for the costs to get it right. We had a fixed fee which was under £2k for some complex work ( drains, trees). They visited to inspect all the big stuff like retaining walls, joists, drainage, ventilation. About five times but could have been more but the builder sent photos.

wonkylegs Thu 27-Feb-14 22:25:09

The building inspection fee is usually a one off fee that covers all the inspections.
Councils now compete with private inspectors for building regulations work. Either route is valid and both have advantages and disadvantages usually specific to your area/job.
We rarely used LA's as they usually were slower and more expensive than the private firms but occasionally clients request LAs (the NHS generally uses them for building work) and sometimes they are better (I know a brilliantly helpful BI at one local council)
You should be given a list of charges and fees prior to any work/inspections and should agree to that again prior to work, so I am surprised that this is a surprise for you. If it is the case I would demanding a explanation of fees & an agreement/form etc prior to payment.

LEMmingaround Thu 27-Feb-14 22:29:12

If you have a look on your council website, there will be a list of charges, usually on the "builing control" part of the site. You shouldn't have to pay any more though, they may well return at several stages of the build but the feel will cover that, plus certification.

LEMmingaround Thu 27-Feb-14 22:30:54

I didn't know you could get private inspectors - we only do small works so have always used council inspectors.

snailsontour Fri 28-Feb-14 11:45:05

We are using a private inspector and have paid £450.

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