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TheSteveMilliband Thu 27-Feb-14 13:35:22

Am looking at the edinburgh property market (where I'm from originally) as I would think of going back if jobs allowed. It's difficult to know what our money will buy us their due to the offers over which I know in the past meant would go for around a third more. Does anyone know how much over property's are going for now (to how to find out!). So far, unless out of town or in areas where schools aren't as good seems very expensive, equivalent to more expensive towns in south east

Rockdoctor Thu 27-Feb-14 13:39:29

I can't answer the question but I think someone on here said recently that while it's no longer a third more, it's still a good 10% or so. Not sure how the market is moving up there, but I was also shocked to find that my money won't buy a lot more than I could get in the south east of England. I guess Edinburgh is still a major financial centre with salaries and bonuses to match.

TheSteveMilliband Thu 27-Feb-14 13:55:18

Thanks rockdoctor. I know, was hoping that a move up north would mean more space. I always seem to be a step behind the property market. sad

OttersPocket Thu 27-Feb-14 14:08:18

I've just bought a house in Edinburgh, a ramshackle doer-upper (in November). The market is on the rise again here and properties seem to be shifting quickly. I bought a house at 'fixed price' and paid the asking price, my sellers said they would sell to the first person who offered asking price and no less. I've noticed that fixed price listings are starting to disappear again in favour of offers over. I'm not sure what % house are selling at over this figure - perhaps you could look on Zoomla to look at recent sold prices? Edinburgh generally has always been expensive, certainly to me (and I've lived here since birth).

lovingmatleave Wed 05-Mar-14 20:58:25

Check out Zoopla. You can find out how much properties sold for if you know the street. Also get yourself a good solicitor . We used the same solicitor (not in Edinburgh though) for all our 4 house purchases over the years and she was great at guiding us to what properties were likely to go for and what we should offer.

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