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What are the rules for painting garage doors and front doors?

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scarygreenfairy Thu 27-Feb-14 09:35:47

We are renovating the front of our 1960s townhouse and making it flush. All the houses in the estate have white UPVC windows (as do we) and the garage doors are all white.

We're thinking of a composite front door and a new garage door but we're not sure of the "rules" of painting.

I thought a new black door and black garage door might look nice together but DH thinks garage door should be a different colour (white!) . Is he right?

YouAreTalkingRubbish Thu 27-Feb-14 09:41:21

I would leave the garage door white.

Can you do a photo of the front of your house and do a bit of photoshopping on it and see what it looks like.

White has the added advantage of being cheaper

worldgonecrazy Thu 27-Feb-14 09:42:27

I once read, a long, long time ago, that blue front doors sell quicker than any other colour. So it depends on your own tastes and whether you are planning to sell in the near future.

Rooners Thu 27-Feb-14 10:35:55

In the conservation area here we have to apply to paint our door a different colour - apparently. hmm

One across the road is bright purple. I am certain they didn't ask to do that.

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