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Free standing kitchen

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Jellybellyrbest Thu 27-Feb-14 03:06:03

Pros & cons plse... Our new build has a large open plan, high ceiling kitchen with only one wall of units needed. There will be an island with taps also....I like the in-frame style kitchens & wondering if using freestanding units is of any benefit. Budget is tight.....

truelymadlysleepy Thu 27-Feb-14 07:30:52

I'm not sure I understand free standing kitchens. Does it mean you take it with you when you move, like a dresser for example?
If you had free standing worktops wouldn't you get crumbs falling down the back?

OnePlanOnHouzz Thu 27-Feb-14 07:31:53

to be honest - if you scrim at this stage I think you will regret it. and what ever money you spent will be wasted of you then need to rip out and start again - so I would suggest getting your dream kitchen with a finance deal - or of this is not an option and things are really really tight - try buying dressers and tables from eBay or off free cycle and painting them all the same colours and making do - then when funds are better simply offer the old kitchen things up for grabs on free cycle

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