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Accept/try to negotiate on this offer?

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Madmog Wed 26-Feb-14 10:44:17

Property has been on market at £190,00 for five weeks. Agent originally recommended seriously considering anything over £185,000 and trying to negotiate on anything under.

In first week we had an offer of £184,000 but lady changed her mind after accepting. Then an offer of £180,000 which we tried to negotiate on, chap wouldn't increase so didn't go any further.

This last week we've had an offer from a lady of £180,000. We tried to get her to meet us nearer the £185,000 mark but she doesn't want to increase her offer as she's getting divorced and is nervous about finances. Having said that we're getting vibes from the agent she really likes house - it's in the area she wanted (as knows two families in road) and likes the colour schemes and the way we've done things (apparently the same as she would).

Three things I think we can do, accept offer, go back and says it'll be taken off the market with no more viewings if she pays say another £1,000/£1,500 or suggest £182,500 between what we want and she wants to pay. What would others do.

We've had 14 viewings, approx. 2/3 a week and there's been no negative feedback just that place wasn't right for them.

cavell Wed 26-Feb-14 11:33:17

Depends how keen you are to sell. Sounds as if you are doing quite well at the moment and Probably another buyer will come along soon if this lady doesn't want to improve her offer. (Of course, the problem is that one can never know these things for certain.)

In your position, I would let her know that you are prepared to go as low as £184000, but no lower.

shoom Wed 26-Feb-14 13:58:59

Given that it's still early in the year, I'd wait a few weeks longer. The number of viewers and offers should increase, not decrease going into March. Are you in a hurry to sell? Have you found anything else?

Madmog Wed 26-Feb-14 14:33:12

Thanks for your replies. We have found a property we really like, but the sellers haven't been able to find the right property for them yet. According to the agent, they've had little interest since initial viewings but we're aware someone could just come along who could proceed. Property we're interested in really is at top end of our budget, so obviously every penny extra we can get will count.

shoom Wed 26-Feb-14 15:06:24

In that case there doesn't seem any harm in waiting a few weeks while your sellers find something to buy. It sounds like you could achieve 180k quite quickly, so hanging off for 185k(+) in the meantime is reasonable. Do you have any viewings arranged for the weekend? Are there many other properties similar to yours available just now? You could ask the EA to keep in touch with this latest potential buyer if you want her as insurance. It sounds like she is very keen and may not find anything else she likes as much in the next few weeks.

shoom Wed 26-Feb-14 15:10:02

Disclaimer - I'm in Scotland so as sellers we still pay for a valuation before putting property on the market. But you should know if the EA's suggested price for your home is reasonable.

systemsmalfunction Wed 26-Feb-14 16:35:13

Wait a bit longer? 5 weeks is short and to have had two near offers is quite good

CrapBag Wed 26-Feb-14 16:43:57

I would say you are willing to go to £184/5000 and leave it at that. If she really does like it, she will probably go for it. If you are relying on every penny extra then I wouldn't go lower than that.

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