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Light fitting too modern for country kitchen

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furryfriends57 Tue 25-Feb-14 22:41:40

Ladies ladies ladies can I please ask your opinions on this light fitting for over my kitchen island. I will have a 5.5ft long oak topped island on a sage green base with sage green units on three walls with speckled grey granite worktop. The ceiling is vaulted with skylights and I am thinking 2 lights just above the island. I'd like lights that have a shade that gives diffuse light and can be dimmed. So what do you think are they too modern for my country kitchen. TIA thanks

MaryShelley Tue 25-Feb-14 22:49:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsJamin Wed 26-Feb-14 05:13:06

I think it might be too modern, how about something like this or other ceiling lights they have?

winkywinkola Wed 26-Feb-14 05:59:51

I like the Ikea one better.

truelymadlysleepy Wed 26-Feb-14 07:29:03

I like MrsJs

Have you looked at Cox&Cox?

or Garden Trading

furryfriends57 Wed 26-Feb-14 09:07:15

Oh thanks everyone .... opinions are divided! Hmm I like the garden trading one also, I seem to be drawn to glass shades rather than solid. If its any help the door and drawer handles are stainless steel which was another reason for liking the ikea one (as well as the price of course!)

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