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How far would you walk to the station ?

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fruitqueen Tue 25-Feb-14 16:06:49

In the midst of my hunt for accommodation for my DCs( aged 18 and 16) I have come across some wonderful properties. The problem is that they are always some distance away from the tube.Ideally, of course we would prefer a property which is next to it but this has not been feasible so far. So how far is too far to walk daily to the station if no other transport is available except the tube?

ShoeWhore Sat 01-Mar-14 08:11:46

The social side of things is a major part of the university experience - I'd really recommend halls of residence for the first year.

fruitqueen Sat 01-Mar-14 12:41:34

I am so grateful for such interesting insights here....

CelticPromise- would really appreciate your suggestions for me to look into. PM me pls.

Mummytime-i like your suggestion of buying now as an investment and to let them stay in 2nd year! Thats a great idea!

pearlbutter Sat 01-Mar-14 12:54:51

I would agree with mummytime's suggestion of buying now (because prices will almost certainly increase by next year), but letting out for the first year so they can stay in halls. I think most students only stay in halls for the first year, but it's a useful experience for socialising.

I don't think you can realistically avoid crime in any area of London, but that is the nature of a big city. There are certainly areas where I would feel less safe (and they do tend to be the cheaper areas), but that's just a matter of being more vigilant and streetwise.

The place MinesAPintOfTea linked to looks reasonable - think it is ex-council which is the sort of place I mentioned earlier. They tend to be cheaper than other homes in the same area, because many buyers won't like the idea of living on a council estate (but there are other issues you have to be aware of such as leaseholder charges).

Andcake Sat 01-Mar-14 14:23:32

I have friends who went to ucl and central halls were great! Very jealous of them living so central.
Saying that ucl is nr the mainline stations mentioned above but has a few tube stations nearby as well - warren st and Easton sq.. Victoria, northern, circle/ district ... Also one could walk up from Tottenham CRT road on the central line.
It also doesn't ave to be north I guess - stockwell, oval etc connect well from the south. Also buses can be v good from the north - stoke newington has great bus routes but no tube!

fruitqueen Thu 06-Mar-14 12:10:13

How is property in the Docklands area and Isle of Dogs for transport into central London?
And is it relatively safe ?
Property prices seem reasonable here but not too sure whether it has peaked.
Would appreciate some opinions here. Tq

burnishedsilver Thu 06-Mar-14 12:28:08

I wouldnt mind a longish walk so long as I only had it at one end of the journey. A long walk, followed by a tube, followed by another long walk might be a bit much.

As its for for older dc, I'd also question if its a walk you'd like them doing at night.

I think a 20 min walk is reasonable.

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