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living in epsom

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mumsox Mon 24-Feb-14 18:03:51

Hello everyone, hope I've posted the right place!
We're trying to find a house in epsom and we've read the areas to avoid. A house has come up in the new build area in park view, near St ebbas hospital. Can anyone tell me, is this still pay off the long mead estate? If not is it OK around there? We have a one year old so want some where friendly.
Thanks in advance!

PatriciaHolm Mon 24-Feb-14 19:49:43

It's not really the long mead, as the issues there are more about the proximity to the industrial centre/dump, but it's a bit out on a limb - it's fine around there though, walking distance to the park next to southfield park school. You could also walk to the little parades of shop on Pound lane and Manor Green Road.

Do pay attention to schools though. It looks close to Southfield Park, but SP has a clearly defined catchment area and the houses in St Ebba's are just outside it. You might still be lucky and get a place but it's a long shot.

Stamford Green primary is going 3 form entry next year which would be another option, but it's certainly not a given from there. If you were planing to stay there for secondary, you'll be too far from the sought after girls school (Rosebery), though not from the boys.

mumsox Wed 26-Feb-14 13:25:23

Thank you, good to have local knowledge! We've actually also seen a house on in ashtead - I've heard it's nice, schools good, but I was wondering about playgroups and nurseries since my son is only 1. Are there many playgroups? My mother in law looks after him 3 days a week so could do with a couple of local playgroups. Can anyone help?

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