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Dark turquoise front door?

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JacqueslePeacock Mon 24-Feb-14 11:53:00

I want a front door paint that's very dark turquoise - a bit like this colour here.

I ordered several samples from Little Greene as I liked their oil-based gloss, but they're all too pale and too blue. Has anyone seen anything more like the colour I want?

Or, alternatively, recommend me a different door colour for a yellow brick house? Nothing too matt, though, please - I like a bit of shine!

MaryShelley Mon 24-Feb-14 12:05:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JacqueslePeacock Mon 24-Feb-14 15:41:48

That is rather nice, thank you! I hadn't realised F&B do such a high-gloss paint. I wish it wasn't quite so navy but I will definitely order a sample and have a go.

MaryShelley Mon 24-Feb-14 16:07:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

noddyholder Mon 24-Feb-14 16:25:35

A friend of mine has Invisible green also Little Greene it looks great

MoonlightandRoses Mon 24-Feb-14 20:41:01

You could bring that colour into somewhere that mixes paints either if you have a local paint shop nearby - think either Johnstone's or Dulux should be able to match fairly closely if they don't already have the shade you want.

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