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70s wallpaper?

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yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 23-Feb-14 09:31:08

Does anyone know where I can get some nice 70s inspired wallpaper from for a reasonable price? I'm thinking Orla Kierly giant stem/multi stem, but on a budget. (£55 a roll is a bit beyond our budget.)

bebopanddoowop Sun 23-Feb-14 09:38:18

Yes we gave some great original ones from E W Moore and Sons in East London, they have books and books of 70s ones and pretty cheap too. They have some on their website too I think it's but more of a range in store

bebopanddoowop Sun 23-Feb-14 09:38:37

Have, not gave!

yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 23-Feb-14 09:44:46

Fantastic, thank you! :D

soundevenfruity Mon 24-Feb-14 23:28:40

Little green company has some reissued wallpapers. You can order A4 samples for free.

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