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Home still feels cold any advice

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Mitsi10 Sat 22-Feb-14 09:37:17

Moved into my private let half way through jan this has been my first full month in the place
When I moved in found it cold (I like to be in a house that's nice and toasty) had a guy check the boiler said it was fine but giving out a 80% energy rating plus the boiler is not the original part of the house (landlord has obviously put a new one in but didn't upgrade the heaters) there's no room thermostat and have turned the one on the boiler up
I'm still finding the place cold not as before but still not right is there a set temperature that a house to be to live comfortably?
Thinking of buying a room thermometer to see how cold it is with and without the heater and if it's cold who do I complain too?

PolyesterBride Sat 22-Feb-14 09:40:25

I d

insancerre Sat 22-Feb-14 09:44:25

there are laws that govern working temperatures but not house temperatures
the only thing you can do is ask the landlord if they will fit individual thermastatic valves to each radiator
or you could buy plug-in heaters, get some thicker full-length curatins, put some reflective foil sheets behind the radiators, use draught excluders at the bottom of doors
they must be lots of websites that offer advice on keeping houses warm

PolyesterBride Sat 22-Feb-14 09:44:38

Sorry - pressed the wrong button!

I don't know about a set temperature but I'm pretty sure your landlord would be responsible for providing a flat with working heating. So you can call him/her to come and fix it.

You've checked the boiler but have you checked all the individual radiators? Otherwise it could be poor insulation/windows. Depends how long you are staying there as to whether you'd try to get that kind of thing addressed.

miffyt Sat 22-Feb-14 12:01:17

Our kitchen used to be quite cold so we put loft insulation under the base units. We got a roll from B&Q, took the plinth off, cut it to size and slid it under the units. It didn't take long to do and it made quite a difference. It's not an old house but its got concrete floors so I think that makes it cold and the kitchen has three out side walls. It's cheap to do so worth a try.

Mitsi10 Sat 22-Feb-14 16:42:47

Don't plan to stay long as looking for a place near parents to help them out etc so here till something else comes up etc
The house is laminated throughout and have a few fan heaters which are ok but hate the smell after a while
Already told the landlord about insulation says he's interested but not heard anything if it's getting done

Heaters have been bled and sent a quote to landlord about getting the system flushed xx

PigletJohn Sat 22-Feb-14 16:42:58

no room stat? that's appalling. You can get one for £12 plus fitting.

If the rooms are cold there are a few things you can do:
keep internal doors shut
close curtains
sniff out draughts

if you are ground floor with bare boards thery will be cold.

As you are renting you probably can't improve the insulation much. Do you have a loft?

Measure your radiators. As a rule of thumb a single radiator 600mm high and 1 metre long can output about 1kW of heat. Are they big enough for your rooms? Properly balanced, a radiator should be "too hot to hold" on the top and the incoming pipe, and "too hot to hold for long" on the outgoing pipe. i.e. it should be losing heat to the room. It should not be cold on the top (air) or the middle or bottom (sludge). All radiators should be about equally hot. If one of them is outstandingly hot, turn it right down and the others will get hotter.

PigletJohn Sat 22-Feb-14 16:44:43

check your meter readings at least once a week and write them in your diary. Let us know what you are using. Input them online to your energy supplier monthly to avoid estimated bills.

Mitsi10 Sat 22-Feb-14 16:58:04

Yeah I have a loft but haven't been up to look as for the radiators there's one in the kitchen under the window one in the living room again under window but as the stairs are in living room that single heater had to heat that room plus the stairs up to the top landing there's one small heater in the small hall/entrance way one in the bathroom and each bedroom has one heater

My heating is always on so be interesting to see what my bill is like I'm also a end house x

PigletJohn Sat 22-Feb-14 17:03:41

if you are in an end of terrace you are probably losing a lot of heat through the end wall. Many terraces are too old to have cavity walls.

Look in the loft and see how thick the insulation is. Probably between 100mm and 250mm, depending on whether it was insulated to 1980 standard or 2010. Observe if you can see the underside of the roof tiles, with daylight showing through cracks, or if there is black tarry or fabric felt.

If your living room is open plan to the staircase, all the warm air will rush upstairs.

I do hope you have a heating timer, unless you have money to burn.

I get the impression your landlady wanted a stylish looking house and doesn't care about your heating costs.

Mitsi10 Sat 22-Feb-14 17:11:43

I'll find out soon enough how much it's costing with this heating if it's too much might need to think about moving or complaining had issues with the house from day one and it's let through a letting agent they then pass on details to landlord sometimes I wonder if they are passing on my messages etc I'm due my first periodic inspection on tues from the letting agents so might mention the heating issues then etc
Thanks for the advice so far

PigletJohn Sat 22-Feb-14 17:26:22

take the meter readings yourself, now.

Nothing to be gained by waiting for a nasty shock.

Mitsi10 Sat 22-Feb-14 17:35:58

True how do I go about doing that? First home so new to these things lol x

PigletJohn Sat 22-Feb-14 17:47:31

Mitsi10 Sat 22-Feb-14 17:58:19

Thanks (smile)

treesntrees Sat 22-Feb-14 20:23:16

My modern house has an open archway from the living room to the stairs. I have hung a thick lined curtain and it has made a big difference.

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