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How to tile my bathroom

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Tt1803 Thu 20-Feb-14 10:15:05

My bathroom is just hideous. It has the most horrible slate like floor. It would look incredibly cool in a super modern minimalist industrial style house but that just isn't my house. I only think it would work somewhere perfect and super sleek.

I can't afford to redo the floor but I think tiling on the walls will help (around the bath etc not all the way up).

I originally really liked this lime house colour in the 'metro' style. but think it would look too pale in contrast to the dark grey slate floor.

A mixture of colours maybe?

A big mirror on one wall and then tiling around in blues/greens?

A friend has some square white tiles with black grouting that looks really fantastic that I was thinking of but I think maybe I need some colour.

Any good ideas?

littlecrystal Thu 20-Feb-14 12:23:40

Hmm... lime metro tiles sounds a bit like the future avocado suite.

Why not tile it white/latte colour and if you do like green, paint the green paint around, although I think something like willow green is more calm colour than lime green. You can paint easier than tile over again, in case you don't like it.
A big mirror always helps.

My bathroom is slate grey floor tiles, white tiles around bath and willow green paint on walls and ceiling. Not exactly my taste, but it looks ok and peacefull.

If I could choose, I would do a combination of cream tiles/coffee colour floor or soft blue-ish+white wall tiles and beige floor tiles.

nerdgirl72 Thu 20-Feb-14 12:54:38

I think those Limehouse tiles are lovely, not lime green much softer.

But personally, with a dark slate floor, I would go for a monochrome look with white tiles on the wall, a nice mirror or cabinet and then you can add colourful accents if you wish with towels and other accessories.

You will be able to find white metro tiles much cheaper than this too.

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