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Replacing fitted wardrobes with what?

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Ijustworemytrenchcoat Mon 17-Feb-14 20:06:11


We are slowly getting around to tackling our bedroom and I really need some advice on what to do about wardrobes. The current fitted wardrobes take up one wall but don't actually offer much storage. The problem is the chimney breast is on that wall and the wardrobe has been brought a little bit out from it but not deep enough to be useful. It currently has some very narrow shelves only useful for putting toiletries on.

My partner wants to rip them out and replace them with two triple wardrobes and some drawers, I would rather put a fitted wardrobe in each alcove. I have lived in a flat with very good fitted wardrobes and know the great storage potential so don't really want freestanding. Mine had hanging rails, good deep drawers and open cubbyholes and held loads.

What is the consensus on fitted vs freestanding? Do they put off or attract potential buyers? Are fitted seen as a bit tacky? I like the Ikea ones but couldn't plan it the way I want it and would rather use a company who will come and measure and fit them.

treaclesoda Mon 17-Feb-14 20:14:02

Others might disagree with this, but hear me out! Personally, I think fitted wardrobes come jnto their own when the shape/size/layout of the room means that there is no alternative way or arranging the furniture. The way I see it, if the room dictates where the furniture must be placed (eg due to radiators/door/windows/ceiling height) in a way you might as well get the best out of every cm of space and have good storage built in.

The downside is that ultimately, like everything else, the design you choose could date. But I'd say it's your home, you'll be the one living with it, and I wouldn't worry too much about what a potential buyer might think unless you are planning on selling immediately.

lessonsintightropes Mon 17-Feb-14 20:14:06

I'm not sure this is going to help, but... I really don't like badly-done fitted wardrobes, and it sounds like the ones you currently have fit that category. The idea of ripping them out is not that appealing given the need to redo flooring as well.

However, properly done fitted can look really nice and be appealing. I'd be far keener on two separate ones fitted into alcoves than one monolithic 'storage solution' all across one wall. And I'd prefer plain MDF than some panelled design thing from Furniture World or wherever as I think the latter would date.

OnePlanOnHouzz Mon 17-Feb-14 20:33:12

you can use the Jali website to configure your own bespoke wardrobes - then they deliver them flat packed for you ! might be a good compromise ?!

alemci Mon 17-Feb-14 21:29:49

sounds very similar to our bedroom. 3 double wardrobes with one half wardrobe across chimney breast. very useful storage imho. maybe newer doors but leave structure.

Misty9 Mon 17-Feb-14 21:42:28

Another thing to consider - is your room prone to damp? Ours is and for that reason we will avoid fitted wardrobes as they remove any breathability for the walls.

Ijustworemytrenchcoat Mon 17-Feb-14 23:51:53

Yes, I was thinking more a plain MDF in the alcoves than the current ones. Hmm, haven't even considered damp. I would have to check with the builders. The house is semi detached, the only bit of the wardrobe against an outside wall is done separately (sliding doors right across then a little single wardrobe type thing because of an awkward shape by the bay window).

Not too bothered about ripping them out as the carpet needs replaced and walls need plastered so we'll have to do something - there are currently half a dozen different textures of wallpaper scattered about.

Yes, the alcoves do dictate where the furniture goes so I agree it might as well be floor to ceiling, or as near to the ceiling as possible.

Going to check out Jali now.

singleandfabulous Tue 18-Feb-14 13:22:59

I prefer free-standing personally. If you hunt around you can find wardrobes which fit a space beautifully. To ensure you utilise all the space available, you can use storage baskets on top of the wardrobes.
I always think that built-in wardrobes alter the harmony of a room.
I used The Cotswold Company and both wardrobes look lovely in the alcoves with barely any wasted space. The beauty of these is that when you move, you can take them with you or sell them and if you choose a classic design, they won't date.

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