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Stainless steel worktop with integrated sink - anyone got one?

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MrsJamin Fri 14-Feb-14 17:07:19

If so how much did it cost and where did you get it from? I can't find pricing. Did you go for all stainless steel? At the moment I am thinking Iroko wood for the end bits of the U shape kitchen and stainless steel with integrated sink for the middle section like this. Does that sound weird?

NotAnotherPackedLunchBox Fri 14-Feb-14 17:16:20

My MIL has this in her kitchen and it's great. The wooden tops are quiet and look lovely and yet she can splash round to her hearts content at the sink with no worries. She has had it for years, so I've no idea about suppliers and cost.
If I was redoing my kitchen this would be my ideal arrangement.

kmdesign Fri 14-Feb-14 17:51:23

Stainless steel fabrication in kitchens is not for novices. Its a specialists job and it works very well. For this reason, its never the cheapest option.

Make sure that the transition is properly sealed and finished.

Helpyourself Fri 14-Feb-14 18:08:09

They're standard in Sweden and Ikea has loads.

calendula Fri 14-Feb-14 19:10:21

We have one made by Intra. They are Scandinavian but their website has an English option. We have 1.4m of stainless steel worktop with integrated sink and the rest is oiled birch. Very happy with it.

MrsJamin Fri 14-Feb-14 20:55:25

Calendula, have you got a link to it or can you tell me the price? Glad I am not the only one thinking about it.

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