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Help, paint experts, what colour should I paint my garage doors?

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Homesunderthehammer Fri 14-Feb-14 10:46:49

I was after some advice please from you lovely people. I have name changed so I can post a picture of my house on my profile if it helps (excuse the skip but you get the idea!)

We have a 1970's (very) red brick house on the edge of the Cotswolds. The other houses are either the same red brick or lovely Cotswold stone. Our house also has white uPVC windows so looks very stark.

We have a detached double garage - also red brick - currently with white doors beside the house also facing the road. We thought we would paint the garage doors a different colour to try to add a bit of colour. We thought maybe Farrow and Ball Hardwick White? I phoned F&B for advice and they recommended Blue Gray or French Gray to go with the red brick.

I am not sure. I want to avoid it looking too 'Cotswold-y'. It's a lovely look but that's not our house. I quite like the Clay colour of my Garden Trading Bread bin but 1) am not sure whether it will go or 2) am not sure what colour that is!

Please can I ask your advice? Or should I just stick with white?

Thanks in advance.

Homesunderthehammer Fri 14-Feb-14 10:57:42

Argh. I tried uploading 2 different photos but it will only uploads 2 copies of the same photo at a time.

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