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Is anyone on here a surveyor?

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dietstartsmonday Wed 12-Feb-14 14:56:34

Had my survey back, really don't understand what the issue. Have asked and still not really got to the bottom of it. Need an opinion


Daisybell1 Wed 12-Feb-14 19:23:41

Yes but the wrong sort. I presume you need a building surveyor? I can do land/rights if access stuff though.

Daisybell1 Wed 12-Feb-14 19:24:00

Of access. Sorry!

MaudLebowski Wed 12-Feb-14 19:29:35

Me, I'm a building surveyor, but I'm not on here very much bit busy at the moment with all the mad weather wrecking buildings.

What does the survey say?

dietstartsmonday Wed 12-Feb-14 19:37:17

it is 2 pages of i don't know what. its about the internal support in the roof.
part of me thinks he just nothing else to write

i need someone to read and translate am willing to pay. pm me pls if you can help

dietstartsmonday Wed 12-Feb-14 19:37:42

daisy thanks.

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