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What is it like to live in Bassingbourne

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KateRosevear Tue 11-Feb-14 15:56:28

I posted a thread a week or so ago asking for advice about Royston, and got loads of useful advice. Due to this advice, I'm now considering the villages north of Royston as well/instead, as lots of people recommend them, and say that they started in Royston then moved to the villages to the north. My kids are in years 2 and 3 currently. We need to have quick access to the fast train to London (really need less than an hour including drive or walk to station), and I was wondering about Bassingbourne and whether anyone had some more in depth advice about it; it seems a decent size village with some shops and facilities, not too far to drive quickly to Royston for the fast service to Kings X, with a well rated (at least by Ofsted!) primary school and village college. However, I wondered if anyone has recent experience of the primary and secondary schools there (after all, Ofsted isn't everything, and I've heard vague mixed reports!) and also whether the village is welcoming to outsiders and pleasant to live in. Also, what is happening with the barracks now (I'd read about it being possibly used to train Libyan military, but don't know if this happened, or whether whatever it is used for now has any impact on the village in any way). Also, whether there is any impact from the medium security psychiatric unit that I understand is in the village. I'm planning a visit in half term to have a look at Royston, Bassingbourne, Letchworth, etc., and any further advice gratefully received!!!
Many thanks, Kate.

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