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Should I move to Great Dunmow or Saffron Walden?

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madeinhornchurch Tue 11-Feb-14 10:09:06

Hi Mumsnetters,
Me and my family currently live in Hornchurch, Essex and looking to move North-er Essex for a quieter pace of life. Saffron Walden was top of our list but now looking at Great Dunmow as more for money with property. Does anyone live in these areas and can shed some light for me please? Thanks

cromwell44 Wed 12-Feb-14 15:50:07

Do you need to be near the train line to Liverpool St or get to Cambridge? If so go for SW. I live in SW and there is an overwhelming sense of affluence about it. A fair bit of City money about. I attach no value judgement to this but it is how it is. I'm not so familiar with Dunmow but it seems more of a country town but I don't know it so well.
If you want to live in the town itself, SW is probably better as it has more facilities that you can walk to. Are schools an issue?
You might want to post again on the Cambridge or SW board for more responses.

Suzietwo Wed 12-Feb-14 20:41:18

Great dunmow isn't great for commuting, I agree.

Also, it's quite spenny! There's not too much on the market atm annoyingly ;0(my brother is moving)

Have you looked at halstead?

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