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Private rent through council, radiator off the wall..

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ameliasmama89 Mon 10-Feb-14 17:32:45

A month ago my daughter's radiator had come away from the bedroom wall. On inspection, the wall hås crumbled behind the brackets. The only thing that was holding the radiator up was the water pipes. Fearing that they would burst, I moved the chest of drawers in front to give the rad some support.

I called the council, who then called the landlord. Basicly there has been an 'argument' between the two, who is responsible for payment to fix it. A week ago today, the council had given the landlord 7 days to fix it.Contractor arranged to come today (rang last Thursday). He has seen the rad previously, and on the phone he said two potions depending on what the plaster is like behind it, they may have to take the rad off, re plaster and then mount the radiator. The quicker way is to mount the mounts to a bit of wood and put that away from the crumbled wall.

Today.. I get a text from the contractor saying he isn't coming today due to family crisis and later he would be coming tomorrow to do the work. A few hours after this, he then texts to say that he isn't coming out tomorrow but a plumber is.

Is the plumber qualified to do this? Also, the contractor is employed by the landlord. Can I request from the council that the landlord get someone else in to do the radiator as its now been going on far to long?

specialsubject Mon 10-Feb-14 17:47:42

what a mountain out of a molehill. If it is a stud wall, all it needs is the battens located and the radiator mounts attached to those. With maybe a cross piece added. Which will be behind the radiator.

I'm sure a plumber can do basic woodwork.

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