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Remortgage valuation

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ThoughSheBeButLittle Mon 10-Feb-14 14:31:19

The bank is sending someone round tomorrow as we are adding £20,000 to our mortgage.

What will the valued expect to see/do? Will they want to get up in the attic etc?

InsertUsernameHere Mon 10-Feb-14 19:48:29

I presume they want to get a current valuation which will allow the bank to work out what your loan to value ratio will be taking into account your current loan amount and extra amount. I doubt they will want to see in the attic unless it is a proper room. When we had this - we did a big tidy up and clean and made it look estate agent ready as we knew the amount we were look for would be tight for LTVs. If you think you will easily fit the criteria (or are in boom town) you probably have to do less work! ). We also removed any weird stuff (at that point we had a fridge freezer in our dining room which disappeared for the surveyor).

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