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What questions do I need to ask a removal company in order to quote?

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kanecarter Mon 10-Feb-14 10:39:30

Is it easy to avoid bad removals experience by asking the right questions to ensure they are not only registered but professional, courteous and thorough.

SteeleyeStan Mon 10-Feb-14 14:38:30

I'm not sure as we're yet to move, but the removals company we're going to use made an impression by sending a very professional person to actually have a look at how much stuff we have, so they could give an accurate quote. They've been very easy to get in touch with, seem flexible to a point, and have been very upfront about what is included and what isn't at what price, about their insurance, and terms and conditions. They'll cost us a little more than some of the others might, but I can't be sure, as the other companies (smaller and more local) haven't really even answered our enquiries!

Of course, they could turn out to be crap...

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