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Moving from cambridgeshire village to town (Great Kneighton)

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Rarily Mon 10-Feb-14 10:05:15

We have lived in Cambridgeshire for thirteen years in a village near Newmarket. We have had some money come to us that means we could move house. My work is going to be in London and my husband works in Cambridge. We live in a nice four bedroomed house and we are thinking of moving to a nice but small three bedroomed house on the new Great Kneighton estate (abode). One daughter. Since reserving the house, I can't sleep with worry and fear we are heading for 'disaster'. We are happy where we are, but after thirteen years I am ready for a change. Has anyone experienced this? Is it normal to feel a dread or should it feel exciting? Most people head from town to village - has anyone done it the other way around and found advantages? We are keen for transport links, less of a commute (especially with all the building around Cambridge that will only make things worse) and feel that town life with all its amenities may be fun.... Thanks smile

ThoughtFox Mon 10-Feb-14 11:13:39

I'm sure it will be lovely - why wouldn't it be? I think it is quite stressful when you're in that pre-move moment, and its natural to have all the worries, but a friend has just made a similar move and has settled down very nicely. You're right by the motorway for easy commuting, you've got the supermarket on your doorstep, and you've got the guided but to get into the station. A huge number of people would much rather live in a new suburb than a village - I'm sure you'll enjoy it once you've got yourself moved and all your things settled in.

Rarily Tue 11-Feb-14 15:38:29

Thanks ThoughtFox - its good to hear of someone who has made a move in this direction and has enjoyed it!

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