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Can I get the house valued without DH being here?

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Mckayz Sun 09-Feb-14 10:07:58

The house is all in DHs name as he bought it before we met. We need a bigger house and so are looking to put ours on the market soon.

However DH works abroad and isn't due home until the middle of March.

So I wondered if I can get it valued without him if it is in his name?

I know pretty much nothing about buying and selling houses.


MadIsTheNewNormal Sun 09-Feb-14 10:09:06

Yes you can but you cannot put it on the market without agreement from all parties who have a share in its ownership.

orangepudding Sun 09-Feb-14 10:10:33

Yes you can. I arranged for the agents to value the house, negotiated the fees and took all calls regarding viewings and offers. I don't think DH had any contact with the agents other than signing the contract.

sillymillyb Sun 09-Feb-14 10:13:39

I used to be an estate agent and would have happily valued for you not your Dh. His signature will be needed for the contract though.

I'd recommend getting at least 3 agents out to value, ask them their fees, never make a decision there and then as to which agent to go with as you may find if you leave it a few days they alter their pricing smile

Mckayz Sun 09-Feb-14 10:31:49

Thanks, that is brilliant. It'll give us something to go on when he does get home.

MadIsTheNewNormal Sun 09-Feb-14 10:43:15

Also, don't agree to sign away a full twelve weeks (or whatever the contract says) with no option to go elsewhere if you are not happy with them. Perhaps agree on 4-6 weeks. You can make any amendments to a contract that you like - it doesn't have to be cast in stone. If they don't like it, go with someone else.

TunipTheUnconquerable Sun 09-Feb-14 11:02:37

Yes, you don't have to sign anything to get them to come and value.

Mckayz Sun 09-Feb-14 12:57:40

Is there anyway of DH being able to put it on the market while he's away? We don't think there will be but thought I'd check.

sillymillyb Sun 09-Feb-14 14:43:56

A faxed copy would be fine - or to be honest we would prob have taken an email from him with express permission that you have the authority to sign the contract on his behalf but we were desperate to sign up new properties to meet our targets

OnePlanOnHouzz Sun 09-Feb-14 16:39:32

you might be able to set up a specific power of attorney that will allow you to sign on his behalf with regards to pre agreed items - especially given that he works abroad . I had something similar set up a few years ago while my DH worked overseas ... good luck with it all !!

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