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Advice needed after outside leak finally repaired

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LongTailedTit Sat 08-Feb-14 13:26:24

Not sure how to deal with this, any advice appreciated!
Apologies for the essay, I'm not good at concise descriptions...

Xmas 2011: Moved into Victorian terraced house

Autumn 2012: Minor leak discovered on private stoptap in back garden (v small paved/gravelled yard). Repaired for free by water company as a 1st incident goodwill gesture (standard procedure). Chap said it had probably been leaking for years.

Xmas 2013: Leak in same place discovered by plumbers fitting new pipes for kitchen appliance, as stoptap access full of water and stoptap not working. No running water visible at ground level.
Water company inspected and refused any liability, said their repair was merely an 'attempt' to repair and not under any guarantee.
We got a private contractor in to fix it, they dug up the paving and stoptap, said it had been inadequately repaired by the water company.
We decided to have the stoptap removed, as a few qualified people had told us they cause more harm than good, and it was better to use the streetwise one when necessary. (Altho our internal stoptap is behind our v heavy washer/dryer).
So - the leak blokes repaired the leaky section of pipe, turned the water back on, and the returning water pressure blew a hole in the neighbour's pipe. shock

The leak guys said they couldn't do anything about it as their contract was with us, and left, leaving us with a far worse leak than before, now running through our garden, the neighbours, and down through their neighbours garden path.
Also, all neighbours water pressure now affected,
£500 bill duly arrived, to be paid after 2nd leak fixed and they have returned to make good the garden surface, which still has a ginormous hole in it.

The (lovely) neighbour's relative is a leak engineer for another water company and he v kindly agreed to repair it for them for just costs of piping/machinery hire costs. He was able to come and do it a week later.
Upon inspecting/repairing the leak - which btw was discovered to be in the boundary wall NOT on the neighbours side after all - he said the fittings our repair guys had used was inadequate and would have failed prob within a year. He replaced the relevant parts.
He said we should def reinstall our stoptap in case of future similar problems, we agreed, he did it for us.

We now have a fixed pipe, a working stoptap, and are booking in the previous guys to come fill in the hole and reinstate the paving, after which we will pay them.

Are you still with me? smile

Sooooo - does his work invalidate any guarantee on the work our repair guys did?
Do we complain that they did bad work (ie stoptap would have failed again)?
Do we pay them in full, considering they left us with a far worse leak than they arrived to, that was in our/neighbours boundary wall?
Or, do we not mention the neighbours relative's work at all, in the hope that if future issues come up they honour their guarantee on their shoddy work?

What to do?

LongTailedTit Sat 08-Feb-14 13:27:35

Streetwise = street side (DYAC)

LongTailedTit Sun 09-Feb-14 15:25:06


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