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Talk to me about wood burners purlease.....

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lemonfolly Thu 06-Feb-14 10:09:11

So I'd love one in my new open plan kitchen - room is being planned at the moment so working on layout.... in terms of the flue does anyone know if the following meets regulations? Internal flue around 2m then pops through to vent outside which is a 1 story flat roof. The flue would be in the end corner of the ground floor extension but 3m back from that flat roof, is the 2nd floor, and bedroom windows. I'm thinking it doesn't sound like that's a good idea? ;)

Second question is stove recommendations - I can see a mahoosive price difference! I dont want it to heat the whole house, we'll use it for the odd cosy evening. We'll have radiators too. I see lovely looking ones like this on ebay for 300 quid v.s. something like this around 1K

Any experiences/ tips/ recommendations lovely people? smile

MummytoMog Thu 06-Feb-14 11:59:10

Well one of those is a clean burner and I think the cheaper one isn't. There's also a big difference in the KWH rating. �300 doesn't say quality woodburner to me to be honest.

You need to find out if you are in a clean air area so you know which stove you have to get, then I would just call a local installer and talk through your ideas and he will know if it meets building regs. He may well have recommendations for stoves too.

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