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Daily rate for painter/decorator?

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Only1scoop Tue 04-Feb-14 22:21:46

Hi.... Our house is almost 4 years old....needing all walls painting etc and some woodwork glossing. Just painting no papering....
Any idea of daily rates for this kind of work....we are Near Stafford....

Only1scoop Tue 04-Feb-14 22:22:58

Sorry ....posted to quickly.
Just wondered if any of you have an idea of daily rate for this kind of work.
Many thanks

HaveToWearHeels Tue 04-Feb-14 22:25:46

I pay our decorator £120 per day plus materials. We are in Berkshire.

justabigdisco Tue 04-Feb-14 23:05:57

£80 a day here, North West.

KosmoKramer Tue 04-Feb-14 23:11:40

£120 per day plus materials, here in Cheshire.

snailsontour Wed 05-Feb-14 12:13:05

£120 in Cheshire? That sounds better than the £11,000 my builders painter has just quoted! Yes, that's not a misprint, it's 11,000 pound notes, but it did include materials ie paint.

And no, we don't live in a 10 bed mansion, just a simple 2 bed bungalow!!

bootsycollins Wed 05-Feb-14 12:17:55

My dh is a decorator, he doesn't do day rates he quotes a fixed price and itemises the breakdown of costs in his quote.

Only1scoop Wed 05-Feb-14 12:18:05

Blimey snails....are they painting in gold leaf grin
Thanks so much all ....this is giving me a much better idea....

Forago Wed 05-Feb-14 12:20:02

11K for a 2 bed bungalow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

frogwatcher42 Wed 05-Feb-14 12:23:21

Snails - there MUST have been an extra 0 on by accident.

frogwatcher42 Wed 05-Feb-14 12:25:04

Forgot to say £110 a day round here plus materials.

I always think painters/decorators must make a good income from that actually (although I suppose there are overheads).

HaveToWearHeels Wed 05-Feb-14 15:39:30

as bootsycollins says, ours also gives a price for the job however he breaks it down to the number of days. I think because we have worked with him for some time and does lots of work for us we ring him with room sizes and he tells us the number of days.
snails that is extortion !

snailsontour Wed 05-Feb-14 18:42:51

I thought it extortionate too, so we took it out of the quote, and we will do all the painting ourselves!
Our builder said his guy was very good - he'd have to be to justify that price!
I'm still in shock!

Lagoonablue Wed 05-Feb-14 18:48:23

Charged £450 for lounge but that included removal of paper, hanging lining paper, all painting and materials. Also painting of kitchen.

Paying £600 for hall, stairs and landing but it is a biggish space, lots of wood and will take about 4 days.

I think my decorator is pretty reasonable and he is reliable. North West.

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