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American Fridge Freezer With Large Freezer Section Wanted

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juandstu Tue 04-Feb-14 21:02:10

I'm after an American FF with a freezer storage capacity of about 250+ ltr.
I like the Liebherr at Currys..
but its a tab expensive.
Can anyone recommend a cheaper one with a large freezer section.
Not interested in ice/water dispensers as they take up space.
Thanks in advance :-)

MoonlightandRoses Tue 04-Feb-14 21:45:27

Well, we have one of these but it's only 180 litres net (198 total) for the freezer - does easily fit a whole lamb as well as all the usual other stuff though (veg/leftovers/ice cream/vodka etc). Were you looking for 250L net or total?

Only ones near your spec I could find were:

- Samsung at JL

JL own brand

lulupeg Wed 05-Feb-14 05:57:43

Have you considered a full height larder fridge and a full height larger freezer? We have this set up and it's brilliant, loads more freezer space than any American FFs on the market... Both ours are integrated behind cupboards.

schmalex Wed 05-Feb-14 13:02:41

I am looking for exactly the same thing.

I think I might go for this, it is slightly cheaper but still a decent amount of freezer storage:

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